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Thursday, March 21, 2013

here's the thing...

i am originally from what used to be a small, charming, all-American town in the southern portion of the midwest.

we had down home values and took care of our neighbors.

everyone knew everyone.

grandma used to have a saying...i may not know what you did tonight but before the sun comes up, i will. she was accurate.

if you sneezed it was in the Sentinal. the daily paper.

our town didn't have alot of weath or growth.

we did/do have tradition and legacy.

our legacy revolves around our high school sports, as does our social lives and small talk.

our team is the Orphans.

the name is odd, but comes from back after the great depression when we were poorer than the town is now (which is saying alot). our basketball boys went to state and when they showed up the announcer said 'they look like a bunch of orphans but they sure can play basketball'

and they could. they still can. and there isn't much more than that to our town.

they won state that year. and the Orphan name stuck.

we are currently in a race on USA today for the best high school mascot. We have won state, region, and are now in the finals.

please take a moment to vote. it costs nothing but a couple of minutes of your time.

there are scholarship opportunities for the winners and for many in our town that may be their only way to a higher education.

please follow this link to cast a few votes...


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