Advice from Multiple Cat Owners???

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Currently, I have a dog, a cat and three ferrets. The last member to join my household was my cat. He is a 4 year old Siamese cat. He was raised from a kitten with my (then) four approximately 3-4 year old ferrets and ten year old dog. Now my ferrets are 7-8 and my dog is 14, so they are all seniors. We're looking to add another Siamese for him to play with. The kitten would more than likely be his niece or nephew by blood (his breeder has two litters currently). My Siamese is okay with being in a multipet household, though he is most dominant. He only stands down to one of my ferrets and ignores another. The third he bats at (she interestingly enough helped "raise" him when we got him). He plays with my dog, but my dog is very submissive, and my cat takes advantage of that. However, he is extremely distraught if we leave with the dog, especially overnight, even though the pet sitter stops by to care for him.

My question is, given the details or not taking them into account, whichever works, does anyone have advice on how to make introductions as smooth as possible between him and the kitten. If they don't become friends, I don't know what to do. My cat is going to be heartbroken and confused if left alone once my dog passes away, and at 14, time is precious.
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    Thank you Koffeenut! I'm hoping all goes well! :)
    1824 days ago
    The suggestions Brandiw7 has are good - introducing them gradually. Especially if the kitten is young I wouldn't expect an issue. The only experience I have is with grown cats (unfortunately!). I adopted a year-old shelter cat who took a month to get accustomed to us. A brief two months later, my Dad passed away and we inherited his 12-year-old cat who had never lived with other animals (and barely tolerated me for the first 2 months). Now I have two grown cats who DON'T get along. Even though I introduced them as Brandiw7 suggested above, I think my Dad's cat is just old enough that it was too much change for her. My recommendation is to go with a younger kitten - and good luck!
    1824 days ago
    Thanks BrandiW7! I think he'll love to play. I'm hoping introductions go smoothly and fast but I've never owned two cats at the same time. How did you get your cats and kittens to get along? Did you just introduce them right away?
    1824 days ago
    In my experience, most cats can eventually learn to live together. Honestly, most of my cats have never had a problem with kittens. If they aren't interested in playing, they simply ignore it or give it a little pop on the head.

    If you want to take it slow, you can separate them for a week or two (put the kitten in a spare bedroom, and allow the older cat free roam). Then, feed them on either side of the door, so they can smell/hear each other. Eventually you can switch any beds/linens that the cats use so that they can get used to each others scent. Then you can let them look and sniff each other through a baby gate. If that goes well, you can try to integrate them.
    1824 days ago
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