Today, I Mourn

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Today, I am grieving the loss of a friend and mentor. Shot down, murdered by an unknown person. A truly good guy, family man and co-worker. Someone who knew the meaning of the word friend. Yesterday, when I heard the news I was numb. Not wanting to believe it. As the day went on ... I began to question why even try to be healthier? Why make the best choices?
Life is short and so unfair. My friend, he led a healthy lifestyle and encouraged others to do the same. During the evening and early this morning I began to almost hear his voice. Chiding me, reminding me, we need to be our best ... even when others are at their worst. Live healthy, make good choices, set a positive example and remember that if we impact only one other person ... we have made a difference in this world.

My friend, you made a difference. I will stay on the right path. Your example is now my strength. As a human ... there will be days I fail. But, I will pick myself up and continue moving forward. Because ... that is what you would have done.
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