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I don't look like that magazine model! :(

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beauty has been defined by the articles we see, the ads we watch and the magazines that we look at while checking out at the store that tote "Lose 10 pounds in a weekend!"

That gives a highly distorted view of reality since every single still photo we see, and probably a few movies, has been photoshopped since the inception of photoshop. It has gotten way past a "few touch-ups" to even the skinniest and just the right proportioned woman will still be touched up. The men doing these touch-ups have lost touch with reality also, the touch-ups are getting way out of line. Check out this link with many pictures or before and after pictures:

Even the size 0 woman has been touched up. Many heads have been transferred to different bodies and no breasts? We'll give you the ones we think you ought to have!

So when you look at the magazines, do you still think it's something attainable? You'd be touched up too! I'd bet the women who got onto the magazine covers from "losing half their size" on here were even touched up because those magazines just don't know how to stop, it's like a bad addiction to them.

What does this do to the average person? It's not just women they do it to. Many eating disorders come of looking at those "perfect" women or those "muscular" men. A person may start to starve themselves to look that thin, or they may just not feel worthy and eat to hide the feelings. Men might start working out all the time to be "masculine".

The only reason you should ever be watching your weight carefully is for your health. Not for some magazine's perception of "beauty". Those magazines are trying to sell products and how can they do that by telling you that you are beautiful just the way you are.

If you feel the need to listen to the media, remember the one man who loves us just the way we are. Listen to Mr. Rogers because he knows that you're great. He says "You always make each day a special day. By just your being you. There's only one person exactly like you in the whole world. And that's you yourself, and I like you."

If you're not you, then who is?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    The worst part of this is the 'whitewashing' of beautiful women of color! Deplorable! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1767 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    Good grief, these models looked fine before the photoshoping. This should be illegal already, it prys on a large amount of young people who then turn to eating disorders to try and look like these photoshopprd pictures. I have a friend that has granddaughters that are tiny, unfortunately, I was just like them when I" was young--although I tried gaining weight to no avail. However eventually the weight found its way on me and the habits I had from trying to gain were still with me at the time.
    1767 days ago
    The weirdest thing? I actually thought some of the before pics looked better. I can't believe they even slimmed down the Princess!!! Unbelievable!!! Its about time we all start seeing that we can't look up to the magazine pictures we see, because they're so unacheivable that not even the celebs can be that amazing. We're all just humans and I refuse to want to look like that. I just want to be real. Thanks for a very informative blog :)
    1767 days ago
  • MRSP90X
    Those look so unnatural yuck! I am glad that I don't look at magazines!

    I do hope I can achieve to look (close) like a fitness model though that looks the total opposite of that!!! And not for anyone else but for me so I can see and feel my dedication and hard work, and make me healthy!!
    1767 days ago
  • CC3833
    I know that women don't look like they do on these covers but thank you for the website. I forgot how much they actually change!
    1768 days ago
    Great blog post! You know, the older and wiser I get the more I realize it's not what your body looks like but what IT CAN DO! If you told me that a magic wand could instantly make me 120 lbs, but that I couldn't physically manage anything more than a slow walk, I'd turn you down flat. I may not look like a magazine model or celebrity, but my body has great endurance and strength. I can dance for hours at night, go for a long hike in the mountains with my dogs, or play a lively game of badminton.

    And don't even get me started on personalities! I knowa few superficially attractive people, but wouldn't want to spend more than 5 minutes with them because of their lackluster personalities. We are so much more than our outer selves. Hopefully, our society's pendulum will shift to a less superficial side soon because it does get annoying how fixated the media is on looks and youth.

    1768 days ago
  • MELINDA382
    So true. And have you seen some of the ads even here on SP? That one for some company hawking veggies was on my Start Page for my first month here. Obviously PhotoShopped to take away her rib cage and all muscles in her arms. Her legs were touched up and slimmed down, but not as bad as the rest of her. I understand that SP needs the ad money, and will do my best to support that. But seriously, show some discretion with the ads!
    1768 days ago
    AMEN!! Love this: "The only reason you should ever be watching your weight carefully is for your health."

    1768 days ago
    Great reminder!
    1768 days ago
  • MISSG180
    Yesterday was Mr. Rogers' birthday. He was a wonderful man, full of love and acceptance. I wish the rest of the world could aspire to be like him, instead of aspiring for shallow, fleeting and, ultimately, unattainable goals. Good blog entry.
    1768 days ago
    I gave up, wait, I never tried to look like the women in the magazines... though my sisters did and it was traumatic for them as they began to age and their bodies were responding to life and the natural changes that brings.
    Your blog is wonderful it stand up as a great way to give yourself a "Check up from the Neck up" about your motivation and your body image.

    Thank you for sharing, it's concerning that, even with the amount of knowledge we have about the images not being true to form ... it still effects a large number of folks ....
    1768 days ago
    I was one of those women who would purchase every magazine that promised they would help me lose 10, 20 maybe even 50 pounds in a very short time..... miracle diets!!! I have FINALLY realized there is no fix, no miracle, no fast-track! It takes time, dedication, determination, HARD WORK, and committment. It takes patience and companionship that we get from our spark friends. And then when all is said and done, really, how many people will look like the models on the magazine covers? Few if any, but we have to remember they are not "real people" . They are created by photo shop. We are in the process of creating ourselves and we are the REAL people. And if we don't turn our "perfectly" I'm sure we are better for it. It's sad that society has placed so much pressure on people, especially young girls, to look a certain way. We are all beautiful. If we are healthy and committed to being the best that we can be we can't ask for anything else and that is what REAL people are! emoticon
    1768 days ago
    Whatever happened to the beauty of being a woman with curves and hips? I want to lose weight, but I don't want to lose my curves. This is sheer madness, and woman ascribe to these impossible standards, which I don't think are even attractive.
    1768 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1768 days ago
  • BRENDA_G50
    emoticon emoticon
    1768 days ago
    You are so right. Eating disorders are hitting men too for many of the same reasons. Too bad the larger size models you see now are actually the average size woman in the US. Size 14. We need to be healthy without killing ourselves to do it. Some companies are going into schools now to help girls accept themselves as they are.
    Keep up the good work!
    1768 days ago
  • PATTYJ48
    Good article. It is a shame that society wants us to be perfect when nobody is perfect. I love that you put the quote from Mr. Rogers and I am going to borrow it to post on my page and to my weight loss team.

    I also think clothing designers have lost touch with reality too. My daughter is in her 20's and healthy. When she was a teenager her bust was too big for the cute little clothing her friends could wear. You need to have the figure of a boy to wear these clothing. I finally was able to convince her to look in the Missy section of the store where the clothing was more flattering for her figure. I know I will never look like a model but look forward to improving my health.

    Have a great day!!!!
    1768 days ago
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