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Inspiration (Thinspiration?)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Today I was told for the umpteenth time that my face is looking slimmer. I guess I just don't see it. To me it looks exactly the same as it did back when I was 270lbs. So... being the resourceful dispatcher I ran my old ID number and WOAH did the picture attached shock me!

Who IS that person??? The weight I gave on my ID was 256lbs... but those of us who weigh close to 300lbs know that we RARELY give our real weight on those forms. Being 6ft tall I also don't look as big as I weigh so I KNOW for sure that I watered my weight down significantly for this card. I am guessing this was at least 265lbs, so not far from my heaviest.

This pic is an excellent reminder to me of how far I have already come. Yes, it has taken me over 3 years to get to 218lbs... Yes, it has been in fits and starts with gains and losses all over the map... but the point is I am still moving in the right direction. I NEVER ever want to see that unhappy, unhealthy face again... EVER!

For comparison here is a more recent pic, the only one I have on my work computer. I weigh about 230 in this pic, and I am told that my face is even slimmer now than it was here:

Now I know that makeup helps me a LOT in the bottom picture - especially since I learned the trick of highlights and shadows, bronzer is my friend! But I can still sort of see squishy cheeks and puffy eyelids in this one. I am still 40lbs from my goal weight. I wonder how much more will it change? I'm excited!
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