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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

Albert Einstein


I think this is pretty good news. For me it means that when we solve the problem of weight loss & maintenance (the forever journey) we are elevated into a new consciousness - rising above the OLD consciousness (mind set) that got us into the 'problem' in the first place. This transforms us into a NEW person...physically, mentally & emotionally.


Story time ~ Once upon a time there was a guy who wanted a job as a bus monitor. He got the job. He was very overweight. The bus driver was also very much overweight. The driver began losing weight slowly, a little bit at a time until 1/3 of said person's body weight was gone. The bus monitor decided to lose weight too. He began a 'plan' consisting of 'shakes', powders, energy bars, cleansing, vitamin supplements and moderate exercise. His weight loss was phenomenal!! In the first 13 days he lost 12 pounds!!!!! The weight was coming off at break neck speeds!! The 'plan' was, in fact a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme whereby he could actually make money by selling his magic diet plan to anyone with ears to listen. He solicited his family members, friends, fellow employees (captive audience) and congregants at his church. Some bought into it and were having the same successful weight losses as the bus monitor. Then....he regained one pound. emoticon But still, he continued to persevere. Making money was important too. He couldn't make more money unless he continued to lose weight. After all, he had to be living proof that the 'plan' works like a miracle! And the story after day after day. The bus monitor has been on the 'plan' for less than 30 days. The driver hopes that he will see nothing but the best success with the 'plan' but considers it dubious at best to endeavor to make money thru solicitations of others who, in many instances, have no alternative but to listen to the 'plan' pitch because they cannot leave their post on the job. Moral of the story ~ MLM has no business in the workplace. If it was a case of others approaching the monitor, asking for information on his great success....a truthful answer about the 'plan' would be most appropriate.

Gimmicks. I just don't believe in 'em. I'll choose the old fashioned way every time. Diet & exercise. It's just that simple. At some point, people losing weight have to learn about nutrition, healthy food, cardio, weight training and all of the other aspects of a healthy lifestyle. The trouble is....the inevitable crash & burn that will come once the gimmick runs it's course can cause people to gain back even more than they lost. It's not built for success for the long haul. The instant gratification of unbelievably fast weight loss seems so artificial because it will be gone like a thief in the night when the crutch (gimmick) is removed. That's why SP works so well. It's the real deal. Genuine, one step at a time, provides accountability, support & self-education. I'm so glad I never fell for one of those gimmicks.

Mileage: 9.21 miles
ST: core; upper body

Thanks for stopping by and tolerating the rant!!!!!!! Hope your Wednesday was wonderful!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    1702 days ago
    I have known lots of people who bought
    into various companies and ended up poorer
    that before and the weight came right back.
    I prefer SP. It is free and it is something
    I can stick with for life. HUGS!
    1702 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/21/2013 10:06:28 AM
    Very slow and steady, that the way it seems with me. I have decided since Jan 2 to be sincere in losing weight I went cold turkey giving up every thing that wasn't good for me. Now i do things in moderation. And I have only lost 7 lbs. I'm not giving up. emoticon
    1702 days ago
    First of all I have to say I LOVE your quote! It IS all about the mental and emotional (and spiritual) transformation) on this journey (never ending, as you say!) that sometimes is more important even than the physical changes that occur! It's definitely IS all about mind set.

    As for the bus monitor . . . well, UGH! I hate all these "get skinny quick" ads (and it's not just losing weight . . . it's getting skinny!) It's just awful. If the advertising $$$$$'s were spent promoting healthy lifestyles and healthy food, well, maybe we just wouldn't be in the predicament we're in as a nation.

    I couldn't agree with you more, too. IF someone wants to ask me about my weight loss I am more than happy to talk about Sparky life. Always. But usually when you say you lost the weight in this way through proper nutrition and exercise their eyes glaze over and it's "Oh . . . I have to W-O-R-K." Ummm, yes, you DO have to put the work in to achieve your goals, just like anything else in life. It's not the magic pill or potion that's going to do that for you when it comes to your healthy lifestyle!

    Great blog. HUGS, fellow maintainer!
    1702 days ago
    I love the story!!! Going through something like that myself right now....gotta keep Sparkin'!!
    1702 days ago
    it's unbelieveable how much we learn
    after we give up thinking we 'know it all'.

    great bus story... thanks
    1703 days ago
    Slow and steady wins the race to fitness and better health!
    1703 days ago
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