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March 20th, 2013 Happy 1st day of Spring!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So this morning my morning started out like this (from my FB status)

Funny moment of the day.....yes it's early but this proves my teenager has a brain!

Wake up Sammy and she says "Mom I have to show you something. It happened early this morning, twice!"
She then takes me into her bathroom and opens the toilet lid to show me vomit!
"OMG....flush the toilet!" I say to her and feel her burning up forehead. "Why would you keep that" I ask.......
"Because I knew you wouldn't believe me if I had flushed it" she tells me........
WOW I have to give it to her that was a pretty smart move..SMH!!

So what did I decide to do on this sunny spring day....WORKOUT!! I turned my daughter's sick day into a Mommy Workout Day. I am meeting my husband at the gym at 4:30 tonight but I wanted to get something in now. I'm on a fitness group on FB and one of the girls posted a Sexy Leg Workout....hummmm Ok I'm going to do it I said to my self!

YUP.....I did it all! However I wasn't done (even though I was shaking like crazy!) I drank some water and took a few moments to gather myself and did this AB workout I found on Pintrest!

So after all of that and sweat dripping from places I didn't know it would sweat from I looked like this! POOPED!!!

I am now eating some food, going to hop in the shower and meet my hubby at the gym for upper body and back. I'm KILLING it today!!

Addition -
So I got to the gym and ended up doing the following
1) Lat pull down - 4x12 @30lbs
2) Chest Press - 4x12 @40lbs
3) One arm row - 4x12 @30lbs
4) Cable pull down - 4x12 @70lbs
5) Bench press - 4x12 @30lbs
6) Forward Fly - 4x12 @55lbs
7) Reverse Fly - 4x12 @40lbs
8) Bicep Curl - 4x12 @25lbs
9) Preacher Curl - 4x12 @40lbs
10) Seated one arm curl - 4x12 @20lbs
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