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Losing Weight, Benefits vs Consequences, Blog Challenge

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

what are the benefits of losing weight,,,,,,,,,, what will you gain by losing weight,,,,,,,,,, what are the consequences of losing weight,,,,, what will you lose by losing weight?

Well I am really late on this challenge but I did not want to miss out on reflecting:

1. What the the benefits of losing weight?
a. I will feel better and have more energy ..... healthy,,, lower my blood pressure.An
b. I will live a more productive life in my "golden years"
c. I may live longer and enjoy the company of my children and maybe even grandchildren(yup, I am an "older mother")
d. I will feel better about myself,,,, the outside will reflect the inside! A sexier me! LOL
e. I will feel like I have accomplished my goal,,, it feels good to achieve
f. I will feel more at peace with the person that I show the world
g. And, yes,,,, I will be able to wear more fashionable clothes without feeling embarrassed
h. I won't have to hide behind everyone else when taking group pictures.... or asking my kids to take my picture from the waist up! or cropping off my butt in pictures (LOL,, yup,,, I do this all the time) or delete pictures of me because I don't like what I see
i. I will not be afraid to sit in a chair,,,, I always worry that my big booty won't fit,,, especial on a plane.
j. I will create a new me!

2. Consequences of Losing weight:
a. I will have to change my eating habits and my relationship with food..... NO MORE eating for comfort,,,,, dealing with issues instead of eating food to feel better,,,, learning to use food in a healthy way,,, eating for energy and health,,,, not for comfort and feeling better.... eating smaller/healthier portions.
b. I will have to grocery shopping in a healthier way,,,, letting go of some of the unhealthy foods and picking more produce.
c. Not eat everything on my plate at a restaurant,,, a Spark friends suggested getting a "to go box" right when I got my meal and putting half of it in the "box" for later,,,,,, guess what? Tried it and it worked! Thank YOU!
d. Buying new clothes,,,,,,,,, BUT hey,,,, I have a whole clothslet with clothes that don't fit me that I love,,,, that would hold me over for a little bit! LOL
e. Maybe I would have no excuse not to go out and date again .... uggh,,,, I hate even thinking about that ,,,,,,, when I was a teenager,,, and in my 20's,,,, I loved going out with friends and with men,,,,, now ,,, when I should be more confident,,, I am not,,, I feel ugly and undesirable.... so,,, this would be a big change in my life..... to go out again. ... and explore the world.
f. I will have to be comfortable with a new me!
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