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I got the job!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I got the job! What job you ask? The job that sounded so good, I was excited about applying. The job that represented career growth, abundant opportunities and, yes, a bigger paycheck. I feel like God is truly blessing me. He knows everything I’ve endured over the last three years and now the clouds are parting and the sun is shining. I’ve blogged about the bad times:

Now, that times are good—I am SO appreciative. It’s like many of the things I’ve been dreaming about are starting to happen. My weight is still down—thanks to the rigorous kickboxing classes and mindful eating; I’m dating again and, now, my career is taking off. Soon, I will enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. No, I won’t be rich—I do work in non-profit. But I will be working in a job that sounds personally and professionally fulfilling.

Two years ago, I was unemployed and unhealthy. Diabetes was knocking at my door. My boyfriend was acting a fool. My daughter was dropping out of college and pregnant with my grandson. I felt like life was kicking me in the teeth. Today, I’ve accepted a position with a 30% raise, I kicked the boyfriend to the curb and started dating others, my grandson is nearly 18 months old and thriving and my daughter has completed the paperwork she needs to return to school. I am also 50 pounds thinner, can jog a 5K AND look cute in my clothes, lol.

I write this because defeat in life is only TEMPORARY. The low points WILL pass. Like me, you might be going through some sh!t. Like me, you may want to give up and abandon your dreams. PLEASE, PLEASE, do not give up. God does not always come when we want Him, but He’s always right on time. Everyday, focus on the little things you can do to move toward your dream. Your baby steps will eventually add up and your blessings will come. I am living proof!
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