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Reflection and Final 4 weeks...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Finally getting a chance to post what I wrote over the crazy busy weekend!

The beginning of the round I set a fairly ambitious 12 week goal of 15 pounds lost! Quite honestly, I didn't really "think" this would be possible given history of the past few rounds! I knew to even have a chance it was going to take putting more time and focus into myself which I have neglected to do in the past!

The first 8/9 weeks:

I set monthly fitness and nutrition goals with weekly loss benchmarks and an overall percent loss for the month! Created vision boards and calendars for each month that reflected exactly what I planned to do, the results I hoped to see, motivation to get me there and the rewards I was working towards! All of those things have proven to be a constant reminder that consistency is the key!

January got off to a slow start, but after a couple weeks the scale started cooperating and my determination finally hit full stride!

February brought a new set of goals to keep things new, to shake up the routine and keep the body guessing! I began adding 3 days a week ST circuits, which is always the hardest part of fitness! I've found by breaking it up with cardio that's the only way I don't dread it! lol Over those 28 days, I only missed hitting ALL the daily goals I set by 1 day! I fell short of the 5% monthly loss I'd hoped to see, but knew I'd left it all on the table and could be proud with no regrets!

Once March rolled around it was full steam ahead with another new set of goals, routine, motivation a mindset that seemed unstoppable! Cardio got a shake up, ST became a daily activity with NTC workouts, as did step ups as I march by way through March! I planned fitness and nutrition in advance to be sure there was no room for failure or excuses to be made! This would become an extremely important part of staying on track as mid month approached and life became busy with planning for vacation, DD2's state business competition and end of season ball banquet! (which is all upon me at present time in the next week!)

At last WI...March 13th the scale had dropped 8.4 pounds, as of this morning another 2.4 for a 9 week total of 10.8! Wowza...haven't seen results like that since about 7 rounds ago! Somehow I lost the measurements I'd taken at the beginning of the month, but I can see in the mirror and clothing that several inches have been dropped as well! At this moment I'm sitting .6 pounds from reaching the March 5% loss(-8 pounds) goal by the final March WI!

The final 3/4 weeks:

There is NO wavering in my determination...a break in consistency is not an option! This final week of March IS going to be difficult....the first 9 days of April even more so being on vacation! What I have NO desire to do is allow vacation to be an excuse to undo any of the hard work that's gotten me to where I am now! With a full kitchen at the resort, I have full control over what foods will be available and will continue to plan meals ahead! I'm only planning to take snacks and foods that will continue fueling my body! We'll be staying on the 15th floor (love the view from up there), so plenty of steps to be taken instead of the elevator! There is no reason to neglect fitness with a 20 mile stretch of white sandy beaches only steps away!

My scale will be vacationing too as a way to remain accountable! Final WI of the round is 2 days after we return, and I have full intentions of hitting the 15 pound/12 week goal I set! Prior to leaving a new set of goals, vision board, and calendar will be created and posted right next to the laptop there! There are no excuses when you seek consistency! There is no failure when you make a commitment! There is no contemplating when you are determined! There is only proving what you're made of and basking in the satisfaction because you made the CHOICE every d@mn day to Just DO It!
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