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Update, and continuing the primal/paleo lifestyle

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ok, so my paleo challenge has been over for almost 3 weeks, but I'm still going strong. I added dairy back into my diet with no ill effects, but that's the only change I've made, or expect to make. Here's what I eat:

meat: beef, chicken, pork of all stripes (including bacon), fish, and occasional other options like lamb, bison, etc. depending on recipes and sales. We are only buying organic stuff now, and grass fed beef if at all possible, or local from the farmer's market.

eggs: I've had to limit myself to 1 egg at a time and 2/day today or I get a bit of a stomach ache. This is apparently the second most reported food sensitivity! I've cut back on eggs before and been able to eat more after a couple of weeks of low consumption, I assume this will be the same. Again, only organic and local eggs and free-range where possible.

veggies: TONS. But the most frequent of late: broccoli, spinach, brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, carrots, salad greens. Sweet potatoes on occasion. Celery and tomatoes (I know, a fruit), onions, bell peppers, cauliflower.

fruit: still sparingly, as I'm trying to lose weight. Or at least, I go first to veggies. Apples are a frequent on the go snack (probably 2/week.) I eat a lot of frozen blueberries -- a half cup of that with some organic heavy cream is my go-to dessert. An occasional orange. I would eat grapefruit if I could find any from texas!

fats: bacon fat, grass-fed butter, coconut oil, olive oil. That's about it. Oh, and I switched to liquid fish oil (Carlson brand lemon flavored.) It's awesome, and about 10x as concentrated as capsules.

Nuts: no peanuts -- if I eat nuts, it'll be almonds, walnuts usually, though others are good, too of course. Some plain almond butter.

Dairy: half and half in coffee. Heavy cream as a treat. Occasional plain, full fat yogurt or greek yogurt (maybe 2/week.) Occasional full fat cottage cheese. Occasional cheese (a bit of cheddar in an omelet, a couple of slices of high quality stuff as a snack, some parmesan on top of veggies.) Occasional sour cream. Again: all organic, and as local as possible (the heavy cream is from a nearby farm.)

Other: dark chocolate! Very occasional wine. Tons of water and seltzer, coffee every day, tea when I want it. Raw honey or maple syrup in small quantities for sweetener -- mostly for homemade salad dressings. Never for drinks, but I've never been a sweetener in drinks kind of person. Coconut -- milk, cream, flakes (non-sweetened), oil. Olives!

I can't think of anything else... But you get the gist. What's not in there is anything processed, or any grains. Veggies are the star of the show, and healthy fats (yes, butter!) are in every meal, which keeps me full and running on my own body fat instead of blood sugar.

I just read Mark Sisson's "The Primal Blueprint." I'd gotten most of the information in dribs and drabs from his website (marksdailyapple.com), but it was nice to get it in one place. I agree with pretty much everything he suggests, and love his attitude of balance and overall low-stress approach. Highly suggested.

It turns out my "bruised foot" was actually tendinitis! I took 3 weeks off from working out, did lots of exercises, and iced every day. I've been running again for the past 2 weeks with no pain, and went back to crossfit yesterday. My "runs" are really walk/run intervals. Up to 6 miles this past weekend, and feeling good! My goal for the 1/2 marathon on April 28 is to run half, walk half.

I'm also trying to do at least a couple of sun salutations every morning when I get up. It's a nice way to start the day, and my downward dog is terrible -- I know I need to work on flexibility, particularly in my hamstrings and hips.

Last but not least, I've started walking the stairs to work -- I'm on the 9th floor of an office building, which has double stairs for each level, so it's about 18 flights. I've never done this before because the stairs are literally hidden. I had to go DOWN the stairs to find out where they came out on the ground floor. I think they're really only intended as intra-floor use and/or fire escapes, but whatever. No alarms, so I'm doing it!

That's the update. My weight continues to drop. I'm down 13 lbs since my start weight on January 21. I'm thrilled with that. More importantly, I know that I can stick with this way of eating forever. I just don't want bread and sugar the way I used to, and have no interest in being sucked into that craving cycle again. I'm sure I'll have the occasional treat, but I'm going to make them really high quality, and enjoy them and then move on.

That's the update!
I cleaned our fridge and cleaned out our cabinets this weekend to get rid of all the expired and crappy stuff we don't eat anymore (Brian is almost entirely on the same diet as me now -- he eats sprouted wheat bread, hummus, and milk, which I don't right now, but that's about the only difference. Anyway, I really cleaned the fridge. And when I put our food back, it looked so pretty! It's lovely to open the fridge and see. real. food. Here's a pic:

Btw, the pot has paleo chili in it (onion, bacon, grass fed beef, peppers, tomatoes, and spices.)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Heh, good question, Mon. And funny that you should mention comfort food, because that is basically the answer to your question. I went off the rails when I started using food as comfort, and not as nutritious fuel. Not saying I can't enjoy food -- I LOVE food, and love real food more than junk, especially the longer I eat this way. I'll still have indulgences, but they need to be thought through and I need to continue to recalibrate what I use to comfort myself. Food is not the answer, unless the question is "are you hungry?"

    Good to see the prairie dogs back in action! And Mon, that's a good idea for another post. I'll write about CF and maybe post some pictures if I can get them. :)
    1823 days ago
    Sorry babe.... I made cheddar biscuits to go with my veggie-lentil soup for dinner. Max and I are both sick and we were craving comfort food... and MAN were they ever good. I love the idea of paleo/primal, but I just couldn't stick with it. I tried. It was interesting. But kind of unbalanced, for my needs and wants and lifestyle. I admire your dedication, and kudos to you for believing you'll stick with it! Were you able to figure out what threw you off when you un-paleo'd before? I'm always a firm believer in lessons learned and having defensive plans prepared for the future.

    So pleased that the tendonitis is behaving itself and you're back to running!!! How is the cross fitting going now that you're back? I loved seeing some photos of you working out when you got tagged in your gym's post a while back. Super cool!

    I haven't done anything with my coconut oil yet, but I will this weekend if I get a bit of time! I did browse your Pinterest paleo recipe page. Nummy!

    Thanks for the blog update! It's been a while! And YAAAAAAAY 13 lbs!
    1823 days ago
    Wow, you really sound organized and dedicated, good for you! How awesome that you've lost 13lbs since the start of the year, congrats! emoticon
    1824 days ago
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