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Half Marathon Training: Week 9 - 10

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

These were my worst training weeks ever! I got the stomach flu and that put me out for a full week of training. On top of that, I missed one of my Saturday long runs because we were out of town and then missed the next weekend due to being sick.

I started to get depressed. I was doing so well and then was hit like a ton of bricks. But I managed to head out last Wednesday to get my running legs back and then fit in a long run on Saturday.

After missing a full week of training and two long runs I was feeling it. My friend and I headed out bright and early Saturday morning for our 9 mile run. It was a brisk 15 degrees and the streets and sidewalks were coated with ice. We decided we were going to take it slow to avoid falls and just go out for the mileage.

The first couple of miles were ok but by mile 4 my body was ready to be done. My head started to play mind games with me telling me that I am not good enough. That losing some training days was really going to hurt me. My mind games continued as did the ice but I kept pushing on. I WAS going to finish these 9 miles. Around mile 7 my body started to not feel right. I was feeling like my legs were jello and it almost felt like they were detached somehow. I know that sounds weird.... it was just how I was feeling. But then around mile 8 my legs felt very heavy. I also noticed that I was not picking up my feet like I normally do.

I ended up finishing but with some major pain. Since I didn't listen to my body my legs muscles are now sore which in turn makes my left foot sore. My hips were in pain and my quads on fire. My quads never hurt when I run. I blame it on the bad footing and the hills we ran up. But in all reality.... I took on too many miles. Since I only completed 9 miles the week before and then only 3 miles the next week, doing 9 for the day was a bit ambitious.

I am getting my head back to training but will be watching my pain levels more closely. I was able to get in 4 miles yesterday with no problems. Now I am icing and heating my muscles to get them back to normal.

I also need to stop being so hard on myself. I know I can do this half and I still have lots of training days. This little injury is not going to set me back. I just need to keep moving forward listening to my body. It already knows what it needs to do. I just need to have my mind follow.
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