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Spark Coach Assignment: Moderation

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it is to moderate the amount of time you spend in your recliner. Go ahead. Admit it. 1 hour for each meal to prep and eat, 8 hours for time in bed, leaves 13 hours in the recliner. Something is wrong with this picture.

Here is a list of things to do:

1. Turn off the TV. Bet you can't stay in that recliner for very long now!!

2. Grab your water and a book and move to chair in the bright studio where you notice you have been dropping off things you found in other places right on top of your painting table so you start to put things away and see the painting you were working on a few days ago, left because you weren't sure if it was finished and you look at it and realize it's not finished, so you finish clearing, get some water, and add a layer of depth to bring out the lights.

3. Then you realize you'd like some fresh air so you go sit in a chair on the porch. Bet you'll see an iris that just opened and then you'll need to get the camera to take a picture and you'll see the neighbor across the street and have to go say "HI" and he'll ask a question about pruning his firecracker bush and you'll have to go see and there's the golf course covered with dew, calling you to go for a walk so since you have your camera with you, you go looking for long shots and close ups of signs of spring and you find yourself up by the pool so you check on the construction and see that they are only waiting for final inspection to reopen so you keep walking, and soon the camera winds up in your pocket and you just enjoy the morning.

4. As you return home, you realize it's time to fix lunch so you check the plan, prep, and eat all the while thinking you should go to the pool at the Y so you check the schedule and see two classes after supper so you sit down in the recliner to do a little Spark People. And you remember you wanted to check the planting schedule and see that the next three days are super planting days, but one day will be lost going to Trader Joes, so you go to the garden center for vermiculite and 3 kinds of compost to add to yours and go home and build the 2 new raised beds in the shade of trees on the west side of the property, mix the soil mix and fill the boxes.

5. You check the time and see you have just enough time to eat a salad, shower, and get to the Y for the two pool classes and you laugh during aqua zumba and you sweat during water exercise and when you get back home, you sit in the old friend, the recliner, and you say, "How ya doin'? Haven't seen you much today!" And you check the TV schedule and see two shows you'd like to watch, but know you aren't going to watch TV after such a long day, so you set them to record and notice the harp sitting beside the TV so you turn off most of the lights and play for a few minutes before hitting the pillow, wondering if this is what moderation feels like.

Maybe you'll have time to read on the trip to Trader Joe's tomorrow.

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