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Bad dog...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Cooper was a bad dog last night. There is this other dog in my building that he hates. We were coming in from a walk as this other dog and his owner were going out, and Cooper did his rabid dog impression.. barking, snarling, growling. Now, he plays very nicely with the other dogs in the building, he just hates this one dog. The other owner got upset with me though. She yelled at me and said Cooper should be muzzled since he is obviously an aggressive dog. I wanted to tell her it was just HER dog that gets Cooper riled up, but I bit my tongue and just walked away, dragging Cooper along with me. Most people in my building have never even heard him bark before. He is usually such a calm dog, but not last night. Now I am worried the other dog's owner will complain to building management and they will make me muzzle Cooper.

On a happy note... I got to the gym today after running errands and getting my blood work done. I ran on the treadmill for 38 minutes. I decided to increase the intensity of my treadmill workouts by increasing the incline. I only put it on 1% today, so I didn't really notice a difference. I am hoping this change will get me better at running outside once the weather warms up a little. I was in a little bit of a time crunch today as I had so much to do this afternoon, so I didn't do a full ST workout, but I did do upper body and a couple machines for lower body. I didn't walk Cooper as much as I had planned, but I did walk over 8 miles. The weather has gotten very windy and it is cold and snowing as well, which is why I cut his afternoon walk short. I am just so sick of being cold and having to bundle up to go outside. Come on Spring!
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    Maggie doesn't like other dogs that get too close to her. We always keep away from other dogs when we have her walking. Occasionally in the swamp/park other dogs might be off leash (a no-no) when we walk and that get hairy. We have to get between the two in case she might nip at the other dog if it invades her space. And at the same time yell for the owner to leash their their dog. So many go to this area and just let the dogs run loose, so we don't walk there too often.

    1827 days ago
    I am glad to have outside pets. Two children have inside pets, both dogs, and DW has cats inside at school condo. Neighbors don't worry about dogs barking, they look for what they are barking about.
    1827 days ago
    I like the snow, but the cold is wearing thin. We got another 12 inches of snow today.
    1827 days ago
    Bring on SPRING!! I am so done after shoveling for hours today emoticon ... Moni
    1828 days ago
    I had a chocolate lab who reacted that way to certain dogs. I never was successful at breaking him of it. The best I did was using a gentle leader, which controlled his mouth when needed but wasn't a muzzle.

    Our rottie has a bad underbite (her teeth don't fit in her mouth so she always looks like she is baring her teeth). She is a gentle dog, but her bared teeth look often brings out a similar reaction in other dogs. She does well off leash, but I only let her off when the chance of running into other dogs is minimal.

    Good luck with Cooper!
    1828 days ago
    My dog Comet could be aggressive with other dogs. A dog trainer gave me a tip that worked. Keep a plastic lemon with you, and scold/warn the dog when he misbehaves. If he persists, squirt lemon juice in his mouth. After a time or two all you have to do is give a warning and show the lemon and the behavior stops immediately. My dog's behavior changed immediately and permanently. Before that I couldn't take her out for a peaceful walk.
    1828 days ago
    I can relate with you about Cooper. Sorry that the other tenant is such an arss. One of my dogs is similar, it is frustrating to no end. I hope nothing comes of it. I agree with a few comments here, maybe work with Cooper? Good luck :)
    1828 days ago
  • FARRAH511
    Is getting a lot better is Texas, hope you get better weather....

    1828 days ago
    Cooper is one smart pup= he went on the defensive to protect you from that very offensive tenant.. don't worry too much about it
    1828 days ago
    I wouldn't worry too much..especially if it's just one dog. I would try to keep my distance when possible. Dogs have likes and dislikes too:-) emoticon
    1828 days ago
    I've walked my dogs before, on lead, and had people with loose dogs tell me my dogs (barking at the loose dogs who are barking and lunging back) should be controlled. Hello? There's a leash law in the city, an my dogs are on leash! Jeesh
    1828 days ago
    Good luck with Cooper. Congratulations for not getting derailed on doing your work out.
    Work with on Cooper on sit , stay and heel. Then when the other dog is around you can have him sit quietly until the other dog goes past and then quietly walk off with you. It is scary to have a dog appearing to be out of control when it is " barking, snarling, growling".
    1828 days ago
    I'm wondering if Cooper was a rescue or had something happen in his past before you. We had a beautiful border collie that was a real sweetheart. Out on a walk she met a dachshund that attacked her and bit her on the nose. After that she behaved very badly whenever she met a dachshund, even though it was a different dog. I'm sure Cooper has a good reason, and I hope you figure out how to help him.
    1828 days ago
    It's obvious that the other dogs owner needs a muzzle! emoticon
    Sounds like she made more noise than Cooper. emoticon

    There's unhappy people in the world that like to bring others down. Keep doing what you're doing and if you cross paths step off to the side and let them pass. Cooper is protecting you. He's not biting anyone, he's making noise.
    1828 days ago
    You're doing great!
    1828 days ago
    Cooper knows something :-)
    1828 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    I have heard that if you treadmill, you should set it at 2% to compensate for the fact that you are on a treadmill and its easier than running outside.
    1828 days ago
    Cooper knows something about that dog that no one else knows !! If he isn't aggressive with any other dog, there is some reason why he doesn't like that one dog.
    I agree with Kitty, with just one complaint, you shouldn't have a problem. Just avoid this other person/dog as much as you can.

    Sounds like you had a great workout. Keep up the good work.

    1828 days ago
    If it is just one person complaining, I sincerely doubt that they will do anything to Cooper. I know there is a fear but I don't think it will amount to anything.

    I'm with you about needing Spring NOW. I just can't bring myself to even go out into it tonight.
    1828 days ago
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