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A job! Finally!

Monday, March 18, 2013

My stress has been through the roof since we moved. I LOATHE not working! I am even horrible to be around during the holidays if I get a few extra days off of work...I just don't know what to do with myself. I start losing track of what date/date it is and it just bugs the heck out of me!

My last day at work before we moved was on Feb 26 and we arrived here on the 28th. We relocated to Illinois and I started filling out applications on March 8th. It takes FOREVER to fill out applications! Trolling the internet looking for appropriate positions and then each app takes between 60-90 minutes because you have to do that personality test on every single one of them!

I have put in around 30 applications and only had two interviews, one last week and one today. The one last week said I might get a call for a second interview this week.

After my interview today and after talking things over with my beau, I decided that I would only take this job if nothing else came up this week, they only offered minimum wage and wouldn't even commit to 20 hours per week. A couple hours later, I got a phone call from the place that I interviewed with last week to offer me the position, no second interview or anything! *AND* they offered 32-40 hours a week and me insurance too!

I also get a bonus shopping trip out of the deal....they have a bit of a dress code, nothing major, she said I can wear tennis shoes, but they have to be solid black, brown, or white....my tennies are anything BUT those colors, haha! I will also need some lightweight, long sleeved blouses because I have a tattoo on my arm....and they don't want any visible tats.
I start Wednesday, I'm so excited!

On the health front, not too much happening. I am pretty sure that I have put on a couple of pounds since coming back home, but in all honesty, I expected that to happen. There is just so much food in Chicago that I grew up eating that is in no way available in Louisiana! I think I have done pretty good though. The first Chi hot dog that I had when I got back here...OMG! I took a bite and immediately thought "I could eat 3 of these!" But I ate slow and gave my stomach time to talk to my head and it worked! I was full by the time I was done with one single hot dog and small fries.
We have been out walking a couple of times and my knees have been crazy swollen for a whole week so we haven't been back out yet. I have been getting a bit of unintentional exercise tho...our room is downstairs in the basement so I am up and down a dozen stairs about a dozen times a day! I am hoping it will do wonders for my butt!

Some time this week I plan to get my yoga ball inflated, partly so I can use it and partly because my 4 year old nephew will flip his lid, lol! I am also thinking about getting the DDP Yoga DVD to follow along with...maybe with my first check!
We have money in the bank that we have been living off of, but I will feel SO much better when I have income again!

Now that things are a bit more relaxed that I am not spending all my time online looking for a job, I can spend more time online at Sparkpeople! Yay!
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