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Do I eat bread?

Monday, March 18, 2013

That was a question I got from a random person through a facebook post I made. I guess the thought is that if I have lost that much weight I must have drastically changed what I eat.

I have never been a big bread eater, but I still eat it. I'll have a slice of white bread (gasp! White?) for a sandwich or a roll with my soup. It does creep into my diet, but it's not a big part. It wouldn't hurt to have a sandwich for lunch every day.

I have not been able to change everything over to the healthy version, I still love white bread, even though I know it's not the best for me.

Obviously I have changed some things I've been eating. I do not eat out of the bag late at night. I do not bring home candy every week. I rarely bring home cookies.

I do eat plenty of fruits and veggies, trying to incorporate them into each meal. I still eat meat, I happen to have known my cow before it became my dinner. I still have chocolate frequently, but it more often comes in a granola bar than a candy bar. I have Greek yogurt for breakfast every morning.

I sometimes have white rice (usually jasmine), sometimes it's brown, sometimes it's wild. It really depends on what we're having with it. My noodles are rarely just white, I usually get the tri-colored ones, but sometimes they're whole grain.

I allow myself treats, ice cream and candy do enter occasionally, but not every day. Yes, I eat out, but that's only about once a week, so one out of 21 meals is not bad.

So yes, I still eat bread, like everything else, I just eat everything in the correct proportions.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • KAREN608
    You are proof that moderation works! You so inspire me!
    1825 days ago
    Bread is my greatest weakness. I can do so well for a while, but when the munchies come I eat more than I should. I try to eat more brown than white but I still enjoy white bread. Ironically, I enjoy brown rice more than white rice now, unlike two years ago when i couldn't eat brown rice. But I have to agree with you - everything the correct proportions.
    1825 days ago
    I'm a sucker for French bread, I eat a mini loaf, 4 oz about twice a month with real butter(gasp)! The mini baguette is 99 cents at Cub Foods.

    Otherwise it is whole wheat sandwich thins. emoticon
    1825 days ago
    I can't tell you how many times I have been asked "what diet are you on??" Just to get dubious or dirty looks when I say, "Exercise and common sence" I eat whatever I want to, just in controlled portions. I have changed the ratio's but not cut anything out.

    1826 days ago
    People ask me about that too, especially carbs in general. I have tried to eliminate the "bad" carbs, but not all the time. Still, a "low carb" day for me is keep it under 200 g. My aim is to keep all nutrients and calories in range as much as possible.
    1826 days ago
  • TANYA602
    Well said! Bread is a weakness for me, so I have cut back quite a bit. I agree that portion control is key.
    1826 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    I'm with you, I eat bread, and yes sometimes it's white bread---I don't eat a large amount of bread. I surely is the all things in moderation including the things we like that many would gasp at since we're here to be eating healthy and losing weight.
    1826 days ago
    So glad I'm not alone. I've cut back on eating as many carbs, and sometimes I eat flat bread instead of normal sandwich white bread, but I've always been a HUGE bread/carb eater. I just eat it in better portions now. Sometimes I have something considered "bad" but I limit myself now and don't go crazy. I keep it all within my calorie range and try to eat a lot more fruits and veggies now. Thankyou for this blog that shows that you don't have to be "bread free" to be healthy.
    1826 days ago
  • MISSG180
    I still eat white bread, though only homemade, and white noodles.
    1826 days ago
    I undersand!!!!
    1826 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    Awesome Blog. God Blessings to Everyone. Take Care. Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1826 days ago
    I agree whole heartedly. I eat bread, pasta, chocolate, ice cream, dessert, even french fries. (I try to avoid most of the fries though). All in moderation, and making better choices where I can.

    1826 days ago
    Great job with portion control. I do make some foods off limits because they're trigger foods for me (I'm talking to you, peanut butter!), but still mastering the skill of "everything in moderation."
    1826 days ago
    Bread has become the new "devil food." emoticon
    There is a strong tendency in the diet community to
    label a food or food group as bad as if we could
    project our inability to lose weight on to an exterior
    substance and then magically by avoiding that "evil,"
    we will become thin and healthy. Right now wheat,
    gluten, and bread have been chosen. Earlier it was
    fat, or carbs, or HFCS. What will be next? emoticon

    I, too, love bread, all kinds of breads. My mainstay is
    Ezekiel Bread. It has a lower impact on your
    glycemic response. Several times a week, I enjoy
    crusty baguettes,or pizza and pasta (white). Treats
    are an important part of long term success in weight
    loss and maintenance. As soon as we feel deprived,
    we will find a way to sabotage our accomplishments.

    Enjoy your bread and other treats with gusto! emoticon
    Savor every bite. Lose the any sense of guilt. If you
    have found a program that works for you, ( and you
    obviously have.) stay with it and celebrate emoticon
    your good fortune.
    1826 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/18/2013 12:59:44 PM
    So much about portion control and allowing yourself the "everyday" foods that we all love and crave.I think we've all said this before but denial and punishment by removing foods from your life that you love is NOT going to help you loose the weight. Choose the foods want in your everyday "diet" wisely, consider the portions, track if you are a tracker (for me it keeps me accountable) and try to remember there is "no bad food" . Quality/Quantity!!! It almost sounds too simple, but I have learned the hard way over many years that it makes the most sense and it works the best. We are not here for a "quick fix". This is now our life and we have to choose a lifestyle we can life with!! emoticon
    1827 days ago
    1827 days ago
    You're right, it's all about portion control. I think if more people understood that, they'd have an easier time of this. I still eat what I want, but within reason. Good blog!
    1827 days ago
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, food choices and PORTION CONTROL!!! The keys to success.
    Thanks for the blog!
    1827 days ago
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