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Race Report: Shamrock Run 2013

Monday, March 18, 2013

Well I did it, it's over and it was quite a day!

Saturday night I had the same meal I had the night before the run last year. YUMMY as good as I remember it being. I was not nervous or excited it was kind of odd. I new I was ready for it but not going to bust it for sure.

My training runs I have been averaging about 11:30 min miles. Last year I did this run with a 11:07 mile pace. So I am running a bit slower this year. I also have the emotions of my brother in law on this day... I wasn't sure what to expect this year but I knew I would have fun and I knew I was 1)running slower, but 2) in better cardio shape than last year.

The goal for this race was 1) Have fun 2) try to get as close to last years time a possible of 1:43:30

Race morning usual stuff, I had my own banana this year! Got down there and found my people and checked in with them. For the fun factor I had made a tutu and was wearing it. It was darn cute. I did some warm us stretches and runs. Then it was time to get in line.

I was in the first wave to start again this year. This year I got caught with the train crossing. Ugh! No PR is worth racing a train and risking your life. It was a short 3 car train. Then we were off and running. This year I didn't text my husband along the way. I told him he'd get one text from me at the top of the big hill... Mile 6, I would have 3 more miles to go and should be back in a 1/2 hour at that point. SO it was his cue to line up.

I ran most of miles 1-3 at a 10 min mile or less! I was feeling good. Mile 4 starts the hill! I was feeling good as we started up it. Mile 4-6 I was hopping to run most of it but knew I'd be walking some. And I did. As I rounded the corner by OHSU, I was hit with some emotions of my brother in law, and the time we spent there. I then felt his presence with me and before I knew it I had ran past the whole thing. Next thing I know I see the top of the hill, mile 6! It's all down hill after that! Sent a quick text to my husband and I sped up my run. Mile 6-7 was a Negative split time! I did that in 9 min!

I was feeling very good on this run. No pain in my knee. My hips where a little sore but manageable. I had a crowd burst right at the end of the race and was doing a high step run on the way in! I saw the clock and couldn't believe what it was saying and I knew if I kicked it I WOULD PR!

I DID!!!!! MY official time was 1:41:40! Almost 2 min off of last years time. And I didn't think I was running faster than last year. I broke the 11 min mile pace! My average was 10:55! I have a goal of 10 or under for a long distance run....

Oh and I had fun!

The weather was better and I had no plans for the day so we hung around for a bit, then went out to lunch. Got home and I foam rolled, took a hot shower, and then a hour nap. Woke up feeling very good. We had family coming over for shamrock day dinner. I was in a mood to party and party we did. We had music going and I was dancing the night away. What a difference from last year when I could hardly move that evening.

Today I'm a little bet sore but not too bad. Today is a 20 min recovery run. And I may swim also.

And so the race season has started.
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