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Project PT update

Monday, March 18, 2013

I wrote about wanting to get a personal trainer a couple months back. Thank you ever so much everyone who gave me pointers!

I've been on the lookout, but so far, it's been a little difficult finding someone who would be willing to work with my unpredictable and insane work hours.

For one, I'm an absolute night owl. To everyone who says you can adapt to being a morning person, maybe YOU can, but I can't. I was forced to live as a lark for most of my life, and it was absolutely miserable. Forget being energized by morning workouts- I was beat for the rest of the day every single time. Night workouts were when I always had my best results (yes, even as a teenage Olympic hopeful).

For two, those night workouts could start at 10:30pm the earliest, because normally I'm having a business dinner or something else work-related before that.

Well, good luck finding a night owl PT. All the ones I interviewed so far were starting out very nice, very much informed, wouldn't push products on me, but as soon as I said that I just couldn't work out in the mornings (my sleep time is already at my personal optimum of six hours, less or more makes me cranky) it was the old "You can change if you want to! You just need to sleep earlier and more! I just don't believe you know your body like I do people!"thing. Seriously, after thirty years on Earth spent inhabiting the same body, and putting it through some pretty extreme adventures, I'd say I know my hard limits quite well. I don't want this to be just another miserable thing for me, I want to have fun training with an expert! I want to get back to martial arts and fencing and running! I want to regain more function in my stupid leg! I want someone to help me along my weight loss journey (that is, unsurprisingly, the easiest thing).

So, no luck so far. I have a very promising candidate lined up for tomorrow- I hope he'll want to take me on. I found out, through this entire process, that I work a lot better with men than women. They accept a no-nonsense, no-frills stance, women tend to want to be a little softer with me (RehabNazi excepted). Maybe it's also because I exclusively worked with male trainers throughout my entire athletic career? Anyway, the women I tried out were a lot more focused on aesthetics rather than function. I don't CARE if my legs look "unbalanced", I want them to frickin' work! I'd be lying if I said I'm not in this to look better- self-deception only goes so far, and being my trim and slim self in the mirror again is a BIG part of why I'm doing this.

To get there, I need to have a fit and working body first, though, and thus it's function over form for me.

I'm excited for tomorrow- the trainer I'm going to be working with also does CrossFit classes, which is something I've always wanted to try out but haven't been physically capable of so far. HIIT has always been a favorite of mine, maybe he'll get me to where I can keep up with doing modifications on the fly so I can join in? Keep your fingers crossed!

Tonight is team training, focus on defense which means I'm going to be running all over that court (I play the libera position). Have to remember to re-set the bionic leg to minimum movement or I won't be able to get up the stairs post-training (not that that ever happened before... *innocent whistle*). Going back to volleyball training three times a week is another thing I love about this March.

More sports=a so much more positive attitude for me. Every time I come back to it after a long-ish period of near inactivity, I marvel at this and promise myself to take better care of me and keep it up. Then life interferes.

Well, the good thing is, I can experience the wonder of getting active over and over again. Hi, endorphins, I missed you! You're my favorite drugs- after coffee ;)
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  • ANDI_3K
    Have you Tried the local Y? It's won't be too late bu 8 or 9 pm would likely be feasible
    1799 days ago
    My son is the type of person that is up all night and sleeps best during the day. I am up and at the gym by 4am, home by 7pm and in bed by 10pm.....a scheduling nightmare. Hang in there and you will get what you are after.
    1799 days ago
    best of luck
    1800 days ago
    My SIL is the head strength coach at a major University and he gets up at 4am and goes to bed after 8. Long hours but he has to fit players into schedules and monitor all sports. I understand how it is dificult to find a night trainer.

    1800 days ago
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