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Hospital Stay (Sorry, I am cranky)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Last Wednesdy I got bit breaking up a dog fight between my dog and the Basset Hound that has been in the family 12 years. I pulled Buddy off Rocco. But Rocco cornered us and when I went to push him away he bit me instead of Buddy. The wound is about 3" long, half inch wide and about half inch deep. Missed bone and tendon but you could see them. It is in the top of my hand at the base of the thumb near my wrist. Went to ER in Portland since it was late at night. After much prodding, rinsing and needle pokes, I was sent home with antibiotics and pain medication.

Two days later the hand was more red and swollen. I figured I should probably go back to urgency care, but had tickets to a charity event. I took GD and had a good time. Luckily, I sat next to a dog groomer and she took one look at my hand and told me to go straight to Urgent Care. So I dropped GD off at home and did that. Urgent care told me to go to ER in Portland again and gave me transfer papers and a recommendation of 24 hours IV antibiotics to get rid of the cellulitis and avoid sepsis. He was concerned I might lose my right hand function.

ER was busy Friday night, so I got skipped over a couple times and after sitting in the waiting room a couple of hours, I developed chills and all over body aches similar to running a high temperature. The red parts added a couple more inches and the swelling increased, so I was in lots of pain by then and they would not let me take the pain pill in my possession until I saw the doctor. I did not get another pain pill other than ibuprofen until this morning. Every time I asked the doctor had not ordered. So I quit asking if I could get one or take my own. None of the nurses told me I had an order for pain medication until this morning. It kind of makes me mad. Yes, I am an addictive personality, but it is food, books, writing, knitting, sewing sock monkeys. The thing is I grew up watching a much older sister get hooked on pain medications and saw how it ruined her life. I swore I would not make the same mistake. From Wednesday to Friday, I had taken only two a day. So, I still had most my prescription.

Anyway, off that tangent. The hospital bed was magnificent and so was my room. The bed had a memory foam mattress which cushioned my back, and also some sway to it like an innerspring mattress. I don't think I have slept on a more comfortable mattress and sleep I did since I couldn't manage the pain. After I finally got the pain pill, I was able to shower and come home.

I came home to a house messier than when I left. I wonder why no one can clean when I am not around. I am not the tidiest person in the world, but I always cleaned for injured and ill family members. Wish they would do the same for me.

This evening, I was woken from a sound sleep to Buddy and Rocco tearing each other up again. I was no where near them. It doesn't make sense. They are probably stressed about the changes, but I wonder if Rocco is getting senile. He snaps at Buddy every time he walks by him. Buddy will attack Rocco if he gets too close to my shoes, so I have to remember to keep my shoes up. Rocco has blood on his chest and Buddy is limping. I think I can treat Rocco with ointment They don't appear deep. Buddy may need to go to the vet if he is not better in the morning.

What am I to do about the dogs? DD is trying to get her ex to take Rocco back. He has a job again and Rocco is his dog.

I need to move back to the garage and get Buddy out of the house, but the nights are still in the mid 30s which is a little cold on the lungs with the cpap.

I wanted to buy a travel trailer to stay in, but that money will go to the hospital since I don't have insurance. Lost that along with my job with the vertigo.

Think I will talk to DHS tomorrow and try to apply for some type of assistance. I can live off my retirement, but need insurance.

So the reason for this cranky blog is that I am requesting continued healing for the bites for all three of us. I am looking to remain calm and not irritated about the state of the house. I also need to find a better living situation for me. The garage and living room are not cutting it.
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    Wow Kathy I don't know what to say girl. It sad to say, but its time for rocko to go. First it's buddy, next it could be a child. Can you work or can you apply for disability, Medicare or medicaid ? There is a lot of help out there, but its a lot of work finding it. Its to late to do anything now, but I have to agree with everyone else. I would have taken my own meds and also bitched that nurse out. There was no reason for you to be in pain while your in the hospital.

    I hope you feel better real soon and you situation changes for the better real soon too!! emoticon
    1826 days ago
    Oh Cathy -- So sorry to hear about your "ill" treatment and all the problems. We hear some real horror stories at the free health clinic when one of our patients tries to go to the ER without health insurance -- unless they are having a heart attack or a mental meltdown, they don't get admitted. Our clinic is only open two days a week and these people come dragging back to us for help. It is a crime not to give someone help when their life depends on it and the costs increase if a situation is neglected. Since I am just getting over a wicked cat bite and rabies scare (the cat had to be killed to test for the rabies), I know how quickly an animal can turn on you for no apparent reason. I talked to my animal buddies at the pet rescue and their only explanation was that the cat was being territorial since I had been feeding it for about seven months and my actions just "ticked it off" -- I was in a hurry to get to pet therapy and walked away from the cat without taking care of it. Doesn't make much sense, but animals don't have real "reasons" for what they do. Luckily I didn't need antibiotics (last time I got bit, I did have to get IV antibiotics) and the cat didn't have rabies. Feel very sad about the outcome and all the time I had devoted to finally getting the cat to trust me and come to me for help (it was always getting chewed up by something and had ticks/fleas). Try an ad in the newspaper about sharing a residence with someone who just needs company -- around here, there are people who would pay you to move in with them, just so they didn't have to be alone at night. We have widows who live in huge houses and just want to know someone could help if something did occur. In this day and age, people add on "inlaw" housing that is actually separate, but really part of a residence (we call them "FROGS" -- furnished rooms over a garage space). Most of the time they are regular apartments. Praying that you get a solution soon -- having fighting dogs is not a good situation!! emoticon
    1827 days ago
    1827 days ago
    so sorry to hear about all of this. Hope you are getting to feel better
    1827 days ago
    Sure sorry Cathy to hear of all the problems, not much advice that already has been offered. I found out as a young boy never get in the way of fighting animals! Prayers are for YOU!

    Skeeter emoticon
    1827 days ago
  • LINDAF49
    Cathy, thanks for letting us know - praying for each area of need and trusting the family will begin to care for you is complete and special way. hugs of healing for you and the dogs too.
    1828 days ago

    With your CPAP and hand function and other issues, I'd think you might qualify for Independent Living services.. or if you are still in the age range where you could work (usually under 65) maybe Vocational Rehabilitation. Who knows? Maybe you can go on Medicaid. At least go check them out... the worst they can say is "no" (many states, the fiscal year ends June 30, and new Fed money comes in July 1st so can always reapply at that time. Assuming the Feds haven't sequestered all of our funding away by then...

    I'm not a dog shrink - can't tell you what to do about Buddy and Rocco, although if Rocco is not your dog and is snapping at everyone, maybe a muzzle might be necessary for him?

    Glad you got to ER when you did (and I would have just snuck my pain pill regardless of the nurses. They can't watch everything you do and you have a right to take the meds you already have. Once you do and it becomes an issue, you can show them your prescription or they can test your blood to see what it is and how it is affecting the rest of your could have died right there in ER!!

    Nurses and Doctors sometimes forget that their jobs EXIST only because of people like you and me - not the other way around! We're the consumers, we can hire and fire. You can take note of a jerk nurse and report them to the hospital's customer satisfaction. (my husband "fired" several nurses off our case when I was in the hospital after giving birth well, having a C-section to deliver our son - we had some really rude nurses that totally did not respect my requests for communication accessibility because of my deafness - he just reported their behavior to the Head nurse and had those gals pulled off so they were not to be assigned to me again the rest of my visit. Too bad so sad!!).

    So anyway sounds like you have a right to be cranky. However... drinking more water than "usual" is really important now, to help body continue fighting the infection and just for better mood control! That's something in your power to do, drinking some water, while you think about ways to improve the housing situation and the job/disability/funding situation..

    emoticon emoticon


    1828 days ago
    Thinking of you - hope you and the dogs heal quickly and that you have success finding better living situation for all of you! emoticon
    1828 days ago

    going through some very tough times . You will get through it . things will come together for you . I had similar tough times . I got bite a month back
    i still have the scar . I was breaking up my 2 dogs . wow it hurt . it started
    mid of my hand down to my wrist . wasnt as serious as yours .
    keeping the dogs separate is a good idea. and housing and applying for
    medical assistance . I know struggles ,I was a widow over 15 years .
    hard hard times . no money for a dentist or doctor. living off hamburger & rice
    I did live in a travel trailer . I kept on saying this is temporary and it will pass and some day things are going to change and they did . thankful to God
    he was the answer and he has a answer for you God Bless
    1828 days ago
    Cathy, Sorry I just read about all this. I feel bad for you.

    Thinking of you! Chris emoticon
    1829 days ago
    Dear friend, I am so sorry that you were
    dog bitten on your hand. If I'd been you,
    I would have taken my pill. I don't know
    how you handled the pain w/o taking
    nothing. They could at least offered you
    a Tylenol. It sounds like you got a really
    bad bite. It will probably take a long
    time to heal completely. I know that
    it will be difficult to do anything using
    one hand. I think I have mentioned
    before there are assistant programs
    to help people like you, that has
    limited income. We live in a small
    town, and we have government
    housing all over, for low income
    people. You need your own place
    for you and Buddy, so that you can
    do as you please. Praying that you
    heal fast and can find the perfect
    place for you and Buddy. I love
    you much. emoticon

    1829 days ago

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    1829 days ago
    Cathy-- Heed your friend's advice on applying for health and housing assistance. You & Buddy need your own place. I do hope all 3 of you are better soon and I am sending healing vibes! Please let us know how it all goes with the dogs. I am sure it hurts a great deal to type, but I'll be so anxious wondering how both dogs are doing and you of course! I hate they were so stingy with the pain meds. Obviously you were in a great deal of pain and not "jonesing" for a fix! I think I would've gone ahead and taken my pill. But, how nice you had such a comfy bed in the hospital. They don't come like that around here! Take care of your hand, rest, and figure out what needs to happen with Rocko. I know you love him, but if he is getting senile or blind or can't be handled it might be his time. I can hardly stand to say it, but your health and well being and Buddy's is more important. Wishing you well and a speedy recovery all around! Wishing you answers to the problems that plague you right now too. Wishing you success in all areas! Gentle hugs!
    1829 days ago
    I'm so sorry to hear this! If Buddy is limping, he needs the vet. Sorry, but the internal damage on a dog bit is usually FAR worse than that you see. I'll be praying for all of you.

    Not to justify, but could Rocco be losing his eye-site? I've see that as a reason for dogs "suddenly" fighting. They get scared/surprised by the other dog.

    Can you separate them with a baby gate?

    I so wish I could be there to help.
    1829 days ago
    I am so sorry you are going through this. I do think that the owner of Rocco needs to take him; and he also needs to be informed the Rocco is going to the Humane Society if not retrieved. It is a safety factor for you and your dog.

    Re your own health and situation -- Apply for Oregon Health plan as quickly as you can. They have lots of applicants; it is a lottery system (my friend had to apply more than once but finally got it). And you may be eligible for housing assistance emoticon
    1829 days ago
    geez, that's a lot on your shoulders right now. sorry you're going through all of this, i hope some opportunities open up for you soon and you can figure out how to get insurance and a better place to live. :-(
    1829 days ago
    1829 days ago
    Oh, Cathy, I am so sorry to hear you have been going through all of this. I pray that you will heal as well as the dogs and that the doggy "relationship" will somehow heal as well. Also praying that God will provide the funds for the medical bills.
    1829 days ago
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