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What's Cookin' Good Lookin' Round 5

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Anything goes in this round, & I decided to try Cheddar-Stuffed Black Bean & Mushroom Burgers:

I was working with cooked-from-scratch beans & spaced out when measuring them. When I realized that I had pretty much doubled what I needed, I had already processed a goodly amount. I just froze the rest for use in another recipe. But I'm not sure how close my end product was to the proportions called for.

I had already planned to double the recipe because, as you know, I'm a batch cooker. But the mushrooms didn't get doubled. The recipe calls for 10 oz of baby bella shrooms, x 2 would = 20 oz, but we had an 8 oz package of white mushrooms on hand & I didn't fancy running to the store for more. Actually I think this amount worked really well.

My other substitution: queso fresco & queso chihuahua for the cheddar, again because we had them on hand, plus the queso fresco is lighter in calories.

It was a lot of work because I was using a wand processor, which meant just a small amount of each food at a time, dumped into a big bowl & eventually mixed well together.

I don't use nonstick baking pans but spread parchment paper on my cookie sheets. I formed a first layer of each patty there, then added small slices of cheese, then added a top layer & pressed it down with a spatula. I ended up with 10 good-sized patties instead of 8 as the recipe promises (no complaints there). Using the parchment paper turned out great--the patties didn't stick. And there's another reason I'll mention later.

I baked the patties 5 minutes extra because I wanted to see a bit more crispiness & coherence. They smelled fabulous & housemate came into the kitchen very happy to help put out the condiments & dishes.

REALLY GREAT RECIPE, folks! We absolutely loved it. My patty didn't entirely cohere, but I forgave it because scooping up bits from the plate & licking my fingers was so pleasurable. We each ate our "burger" on a toasted slice of 100% w/w bread, with barbecue sauce for me (ketchup for HM), mustard, pickles, baby greens, & banana peppers. Wedges of papaya sprinkled with lime juice as the side dish. What a great meal!

I cut the parchment paper in a rough circle around each remaining burger & stacked them in storage dishes & put them in the fridge. So they'll be easy to pull out one at a time for later eating! This stroke of brilliance makes up somewhat for my fuzzy math with the beans.

Highly recommended recipe! Each serving boasts 17 protein grams--unusually high for a vegetarian dish.
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