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What A Difference A Year Makes!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Things for me have really changed since a year ago. It was about this time last year that I finally got serious about my weight loss. I stopped looking to other people to see what they did to lose weight and focused on what I needed to do to lose weight. When I saw that other people had lost significant pounds I asked them how they did it. I asked if they had any tips or tricks for me. Everyone had good ideas, but I finally got ahold of the key that has worked for me. The key for me is to do what works FOR ME, not someone else. I am unique and have different needs than other people. I may face some of the same problems but my problems are all mine and I deal with them differently than other people so what works for them doesn't necessarily work for me. DUH!!!! That was my key.

I also found that I needed to make permanent changes in my lifestyle. I had to be serious about it and commit to it. This journey was for real and for the long haul, not just for a short time, but a lifetime!!! That was a second key for me. These were changes that I needed to adopt forever to be healthy.

I reached a goal today that I never thought I'd reach. As of today I have lost 20 pounds!! That was a dream as far as I was concerned. Dreams do come true!! When I broke my weight loss goals into smaller pieces it was easier to make progress. 5 pounds is a whole lot easier than 100!! So 5 pounds at a time is how I do it. My next goal is 3 pounds so I can be at 225. I had forgotten that I made a goal of being 225 by 4/19/13.

I can also say that in this past year I have improved my health. My BMI has dropped from 44 to 40.5. Wow!!! I have gone from a size 24 jeans to a 20. Another wow!! I can walk further and I can honestly say I feel a whole lot better than I did a year ago. I have energy now. I don't want to sleep all the time. All I use to do was eat and sleep. You could find me in bed any time of the day. I do admit I still take a nap in the afternoon, but I do get up in the morning and stay up until about 4 p.m. I find I am enjoying life more. How great is that?

For those of you still struggling all I can say is "It is possible." Don't give up. I have my setbacks but I never give up. I am honest with myself when I screw up, but I forgive myself and move on. I still have a long way to go but I am happy where I am today and that's all that counts!!!
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