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Sunday, March 17, 2013

So I have been playing in this adult pick-up league for over a year now. I like playing pick-up because you pay as you go, so you sign up when you can play and you only pay if you play.

It is all arranged through an adult social media website called 'Meetup'. You have to have a 'meetup' account to sign up to play. You cannot have a meetup account unless you are at least 18 years of age.

I have played 53 games that have been arranged this way. The game that I go to most often is the Thursday night ADULT Co-ed Soccer ....Adult is actually in the title...though you would think that since it is arranged through and adult social media site that it would be assumed that all playing are adults.

This Thursday night game fills up very fast and on this one in particular there were 8 people on the waitlist in case some cancelled.

This Thursday when I played I noticed that 3 girls on the other team looked very young. I started asking how old they were and they all looked at me like they did not understand english...I realize now that they must have been told not to tell anyone how old they were.

After the game an email comes out basically saying how was the game. I commented that the game was really rough and that there were too many underage players, that there were 2 serious injuries and that I got knocked down 4 times myself. And as for the underage players I would guess that they were under the age of 15.

I am basing the roughness on the 52 games I had been to prior to this one. so I feel that I have been to enough to judge that there was excessive roughness at this one that I had not encountered before...not that I was just being a suck....which is how the parents have painted me now...even though the roughness and the underaged players were 2 totally different issues...

Anyways, there were 3 girls who had come with their parents & a coach, so 3 girls and 3 men, who had never come before. Turns out one girl was 12 and the other 2 were 13. They all signed up through the site, so they all created themselves account - the girls of course would have had to lie about their ages to do so - but when I questioned their parents said that they did not lie about their ages. Right.

After my comment the 2 parents and the coach all basically trashed me. Going on an on about how they registered paid and played like everyone else, that nobody questioned their ages when the $$ was collected, that I should be encouraging the kids to play instead of bullying them into not coming back, that if the girls had not been told to holdback that I would have touched the ball a lot less than I had, that I was not an intelligent person, that I have no sportsmanship, that I goes on and on.

All of these people had never been out before except for one who had been out once before and played in the Men's over 35 game (why didn't he bring her to this game???- cause sh's not a man. So why bring her to an Adult game when she is not an adult?) So that is their experience with this group - this was their first game with the Adult Co-ed Pick-up and they thought they could just come in with their 12 & 13yr old daughters and break the one intended rule in that it was a game intended for Adults.

I went back in and gave my rebuttal for their nasty comments. Basically I covered the following points:

-It is an Adult Game - the girls are not adults and should never have been registered in the first place

- Why am I dealing with PARENTS anyways? This is an adult league and everyone playing should be able to speak for themselves

- I am more concerned with hurting the girls

-the girls played great, it is not about the skill level- it is about their age

-this is an established game that had a waitlist of adults that could not play because these 3 girls took up their spots when they should not have.

-they signed up as adults and they are not adults

-if their skill is so great that they had to holdback or I would have touched the ball less than I did then obviously us old folks are not enough of a challenge for these girls and they should be playing against someone that does challenge them

-if I registered for one of the girls games I would be told I am too old, so why is it such a big deal that I said they are too young- it's the truth. It's an adult game- they are not adults- I did not make that up

-they signed up for an adult game knowing they would be playing with adults. They did not give us the same courtesy. when I signed up to play in an adult game I expect to be playing adults, not kids. Nobody asked me before the game if it was ok with me.

-this league has games set up for over 35 because some don't want to play with under 35. There is mens only games because some men don't want to play with women. So why can't I say I don't want to play with kids?

-why should I even have to say that I don't want to play with kids? It should never have been an issue because it is an adult game.

-I have a 12 yr old and would never play her against adults. (she's in GR. 6 at school - so picture 3 girls who are GR. 6 or 7 - signed up as adults - not even in high school...I wonder if the parents would let them drink or drive their cars and then tell the government that the kids can hold their own so they should be allowed to do those things even thought they are underage)(them signing up for an adult game is the same thing- why can't they see that?)

-I also told them that I do support children playing sports and would even play with/against the girls in questions but that I just did not think it was fair of them to come into an established game and expect us to change all the rules for them. (they had commented that we should change it to a parent kid game) I said that if they had a parent kid game I might bring my kids out to it, but that this game in question was not the right forum for them.

So, there you have it, my stress over the last few days, having to defend myself to parents asfer their kids played in an ADULT co-ed Soccer game that they should not have been playing in in the first place.

It's pretty simple isn't it? If I ordered a steak and got ground beef I would send it back. Same thing. I registered for an Adult soccer game and got kids...not what I signed up for. Why am I the bad guy for pointing it out?
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    it is interesting that these girls are adult enough to play, but not adult enough to speak for themselves.

    1826 days ago
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