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Hunger Tracker March 17/13 day 1

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hunger Scale March 17/13
Woke up 3am by 845am felt like i was starving probably a 2 very hungry but not dizzy or getting a headache yet..
So I had breakfast 537 calories for breakfast that was not all that much compared to what I would used to eat but that was then and this is now so a smaller for me but still larger then other peoples breakfast was
Two sandwiches of 1 large fried egg on english muffin and coffee with hot chocolate mix in it for my morning poor mans moca :)
I Finished breakfast sandwiches at 9:15
And with my poor man moca left to drink I hit the computer to see the damages I did not even go to a full now I am at a 4 still feeling little hungry
Noon and I am still at a 4 still feeling hungry so I have a snack of potato chips and a chocolate bar.. bad habits are hard to stop mindless eating on snacks added a lunch time snack of 740 cal.. not a good day for avoiding the snack attack.
4pm and I am finally at a 5 satisfied not hungry not full but it is lunch and it is hot dogs well one hot dog in bun and just one plain hot dog adds another 380 cal.. and it is only 5pm..
But I am at a 10.. I don't know if it is just from eating or if it was eating and seeing that I have ate about 1700 cal in less then a day 500 cal more then the aim..
But I will hope that I can remember this feeling of ugh.. from eating so much and knowing that i ate so much or mabe it is a mixture of that and not being rested that has me feeling ill..
I do get the eight hours of sleep but it is not restful with the constant pain it is hard to get rest but it is nice to try.

My day for Hunger tracking is come to a sick top out at 10 I will say it is a learning curve and I noticed that I did eat when I was not hungry just because it was dinner time.
I will either have to stop the snack so close to the meal or not eat the meal when not hungry.

I know that I am to divide my calories for the day 1200 so I should have 3... 300 meals breakfast lunch dinner with 3.. 100 snacks in the day..

I still feel like i am starving on the portion sizes :S

Had to edit in my before bed snack a cup of cream of wheat so the day total for everything I put in is.............

1886 today
1200 goal
686 over

I think that this Hunger Tracking might just pay off the first day and I have noticed that I have made unhealthy eating choices and I can work on changing them :)

Hunger Level Sensations and Symptoms
1 Starving, weak, dizzy
2 Very hungry, cranky, low energy, a lot of stomach growling
3 Pretty hungry, stomach is growling a little-------eat at this time
4 Starting to feel a little hungry -------------------------eat at this time
5 Satisfied, neither hungry nor full ---------------------- stop eating
6 A little full, pleasantly full ------------------------------
7 A little uncomfortable
8 Feeling stuffed
9 Very uncomfortable, stomach hurts
10 So full you feel sick

Once you begin paying attention to how you’re feeling before and after you eat, you can start to make changes in what and how much you eat according to your hunger. It’s best to eat when your hunger level is at a 3 or 4. Once you wait until you’re at a 1 or 2 and are feeling very, very hungry, you are more likely to overeat or choose less healthful foods. (Remember: Any food will quell hunger, so we often reach for whatever is easy and convenient when we're feeling desperate to eat.) At a level 3 or 4, when you’re just starting to feel some hunger signals, you can make a conscious decision to eat the right amount of healthful and tasty foods. It's important, too, to be aware of how much you eat. It's best to stop eating at level 6 before you feel uncomfortably full (7-10). Your brain registers the signals that you're full slowly, and learning to eat to satisfaction without overeating will take some attention and practice.
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