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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Reading the book Volumetrics was instrumental in my being able to make long-term changes to my eating, but it didn't show up until years later. I adopted many of the habits even while I continued to binge on many dense foods. Eventually, I committed to ending the binging, and the meal habit of including a fair amount of water-rich foods was already in place. Plus, I think years of eating less processed foods has finally tipped the "scale" in terms of my actually preferring to eat relatively small volumes of dense foods now, while enjoying every bite of them and my freggies. BTW, my ratio of veggies to fruit is usually 2:1. I found if I used mostly fruit to increase water dense foods, I still ate too much.

But, I won't say it was all a breeze. I think it was just easiER than it would have been if I had been trying to make the changes without the benefit of what I had learned from Rolls. Especially the information that milk, unlike most liquids, has the same satiety factor as many solid foods. Thus for three years, I have used milk (in coffee, mocha or on its own) as the only caloric snack I allow myself and it has completely weaned me off needing snacks I chew. I never feel any urge to binge on milk, but sometimes, chewing even healthy foods will wake up an urge to move on to more dense foods. But it's not even an issue now. I LOVE not snacking. I love feeling lighter and I love how delicious and wonderful my meals taste eating fewer times a day. I found I also got over overeating at a meal because I had gotten very hungry. It felt crappy and eventually, I could give it up with very little regret. In fact, now I get full faster the hungrier I am.

But I have to say that all this took time, and that for bingers, just being full is not necessarily going to stop us from continuing to eat. In fact, fullness can be a trigger! That's why I had to commit to eating real meals and limiting snacking and random eating to weekends before the benefits of Volumetrics kicked in. And I never aimed at a calorie quota or limit. It just evolved over time.

Ok, sorry to go on and on! I just love what I learned and incorporated about satiety from Rolls even if I never used any of her "diet" plans in her books. But for most of my lunches and dinners, about half my plate is freggies (mostly veggies) and my dense portions keep getting smaller, though they might be at the limit now. So be it! I'm happy enough with my eating.

I need to add that it wasn't until I adopted the mindset of those who want to recover from an eating disorder AND I used the No S diet that things really turned around. But Volumerics was central in helping me with learning to be satisfied with fewer calories- even though I don't count them. emoticon
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    I am working really hard to control emotional eating. Your blog has helped redefine some things I have pondered. Below is an excerpt from a blog I did a few months ago...

    As I was running errands after work today I noticed a "sweet emptiness" in my tummy. It was the feeling of just a little hunger possibly and/or maybe that little emotional hunger of the end of a stressful day at work that I chose not to immediately satisfy. It was a pleasant feeling!

    I don't like to exercise with food in my stomach so I have trained myself not to eat anything after work because that's when I exercise, so that keeps me in check.

    But that "feeling" was so "sweet" that I hope I can consistently notice it often enough to want it again and again...

    Just knowing I was in control of my fatigue and stress...without emotional eating is an NSV!
    1346 days ago
    Thank you for sharing. Very interesting.
    I hardly use milk and don't drink coffee. They wouldn't be the healthiest things for me to have. I can relate though that sometimes when we start to eat / chew, it triggers a tendency to just keep on.

    1828 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/20/2013 8:15:03 AM
  • CAMAEL100
    I recently realized that for me 'fullness can be a trigger'!! It is almost like I need to do something about this feeling of being overfull and in my 'fog' I am acting like eating more will sort it!!! It is good to see that written by someone else as it allows me to realize that it is true for me and I need to be mindful of that.

    I already have had great success with your 'it is ok to be hungry before eating' theory.

    Also I have recently on occasion had a glass of warm milk at night with the kids and you are right I actually have never felt like binging on it but have felt satisfied.
    1828 days ago
    Never heard of it, but glad it helped you that much.
    might look it up later. I emoticon
    1829 days ago
  • NEWAT56
    Great blog! thanks for sharing.
    1830 days ago
    Why is it that bad habits are so easy to stick with but good habits are so tough? LOL I'm happy you found your balance and are keeping with it. Good on ya.
    1830 days ago
    Great blog!! I'm going to read it again and again. You've got something here. I like that 2:1 ratio of veggies to fruits. I think I can adopt that and benefit. Thanks.
    1830 days ago
    I hope, everyone who reads this.... takes it in.

    We are what we eat and more importantly.....how we eat.

    Satiety helps us stay with it......for the long run.

    Oolala.....thanks so much.
    1830 days ago
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