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Offering a friend encouragement regarding her weight loss

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A:HI friend!

B: Hi! Good to hear from you!

A:How is your program coming along?

B: So, so. I am a bit discouraged and overwhelmed at times.

A:How are you measuring success?

B: I am weighing, taking my heart rate, temperature daily. On weekends I have my skinfolds and girths measured to calculate % body fat, lean muscle mass, and body fat mass, and take pictures to document my progress.

A: That`s awesome! You are an amazing person! You are so dedicated to do the very best for yourself and your body. You are actively doing something about it to feel better and stay healthier longer. You are quite an insiration. When you want something, you go for it and do what it takes to accomplish it.

What is the hardest thing to comply with?

B: Individuation. Getting the optimal macronutrient distribution right for fat loss and muscle gain. I am a little discouraged because although I am following my program to 90-100% compliance, I am sometimes reporting increased skinfold measurements in the subscapular, triceps, and thigh.

A:Let`s see if we can break that down into smaller parts that will be easier to comply with. Did you ever have a week when you gained muscle mass and lost fat?

B: Yes one week I gained 2.3 lbs lean body mass while losing 1 lb fat mass. Another week I gained 1.2 lbs. of LBM (lean body mass) and lost 2.2 lbs BFM (body fat mass). Another week I gained .4 lb. LBM while losing .4 BFM, and another week I gained .4 lb. LBM while losing 3.6 lbs. of BFM.

A: So, you have had some success! High-five! Do you think you can figure out your micronutrient distribution on those weeks? It might be good to repeat the food plan from one of the successful weeks, and see if your body still responds by gaining muscle and losing weight.

B: Great idea! And I can look at the weeks where I gained body fat and see why that happened.

A:What is your woo hoo for the day/week?

B: My woo hoo is getting into an exercise routine and sticking with it. One day it was sooo hard to get started, but I broke it down into doing just the first exercise and then moving through the routine exercise by exercise until I finally got through it all! I was really pumped that I actually accomplished this! I was so pleased that I made myself a reward certificate.

A: Awesome! Woo hoo! That`s fantastic! You are amazing! You are overcoming with your compliance and positive attitude. You are determined and unstoppable! You are a winner!
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