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Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's been nearly a month since I've blogged! I've thought about blogging but haven't sat down to actually do it. So what have I been up to?

Lifting a lot, and heavier. I haven't been doing a specific program at this point. I do three classes a week involving weights - xtreme fit which is similar to crossfit and my trainer's version of a pump class. We generally do olympic lifts in xtreme fit and usually quite a few reps. I can generally share the 20kg (44lb) bar with my husband as we alternate with bodyweight stuff a bit. I can lift more when I do fewer reps at home. At this point I can do 5repsx3sets of 100lbs squats, 70lbs cleans and 80lbs bench press. Haven't really recorded anything else. I'm pretty happy as I've seen pretty quick progress in a month. Plus I'm less sore than my husband :-) In pump class I do sometimes drop to the 15kg (33lb) bar as we do a few exercises that use fewer muscles. Good progress from upping to a 10kg bar in Jan. I'm sorry for switching back and forth between metric and imperial weights, I can generally translate both, I don't get much of a choice since my home set of barbells is in lbs and the ones we use at class are kg. I was a little sad yesterday when I called a guy about buying some used plates for $45 and they were already sold :-( I think I'll be needing more pretty soon if I want to keep pushing things!

Running is going pretty well. I have a half marathon next weekend. I won't be breaking any PRs. I haven't been doing much speed training. Also it is still quite hot here in QLD. Plus I had a fair bit of time off a few weeks ago when we had driving rain for like 10-14days straight. There is a limit to how much I want to torture myself in terms of running and wind driven rain and flooded roads was too much a lot of days! I had a friend who ran the Twilight half marathon last year and said it is not a good race for a PR due to some bottlenecks, running at an odd time (it starts at 5pm) and the fact it was really hot and humid last year. It is supposed to be hot and humid again this year so considering this and the inconsistent training I'm no longer going to be upset if I don't meet my goal. I do hope to run it in less than 2:05 but if not that's fine!

Since I haven't been as concerned about my time in the half marathon I'm starting my training for a marathon at the end of May. I did 14 miles on Wednesday, it was hot and hard and slow since I did it at 930am on all dirt roads. I feel okay though. Getting some bursitis pain again below my left knee so I really need to stop slacking and do my physio exercises and possibly start seeing him again.

As for eating I've been doing a pretty good job eating clean and I've upped my protein. I am still eating too much to lose much weight, or at least I think that is the reason. Hopefully I'll be more motivated to recommit. In the meantime I'm enjoying trying new recipes and foods. Today I made banana spice protein muffins, roasted a butternut squash to use in some recipes, lentil coconut soup, slow cooker pineapple sweet potato and cajun chicken pasta. Now I can have something for lunch besides pumpkin soup for a change!

In the meantime my weight has been pretty consistent around 77-79kg but my body fat % is dropping. I'm down to 28.8% from around 30+% last year. Not a big drop but considering my weight isn't going down I'll take it.

As for the rest of my life I'm kind of sick of work for lots of reasons I won't get into. I think we have a plan to change things though. My father in law has lung cancer as well as a melanoma so is currently undergoing chemo and radiation. Paul went to visit him last month and reconnected with his brothers for the first time in many years. I've never actually met any of his brothers. One of them might be able to help him get a job in the mines in WA so the plan is for him to go over in June after we have a holiday we'd already booked and sort a job out for himself. If he gets something I'll fly over and do some job interviews and find a place to live. Then I'd probably come over once he was established. I can also do locum work if need be. I know I can get a job so I've told him he has to prove he can get a job and get settled. In the meantime he can stay with his dad and look after him a bit. It will be a huge move since it is on the other side of the country but I could use a change. Fingers crossed the ball starts rolling for him in June.

I really should do some photos or set some goals but I'm just not commiting to some of the things I really need to do. And to be honest I'm happy with the fitness progress I'm making so I will keep at that. Hopefully the heavy weights will help me become leaner soon!
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    Sounds like you're doing great! And the number on the scales isn't as important as all the progress you are making.
    That's pretty exciting about maybe moving, it's nice to get a fresh start sometimes.
    1400 days ago
    great hearing from you and what you are achieving. Well done
    1402 days ago
    Good hearing from you!
    1403 days ago
    1403 days ago
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