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Totally Surreal All Day Long

Sunday, March 17, 2013

First. Imagine you have been totally obsessed with one single band for NINETEEN years. Totally into every lyric written. Totally spaced out on every instrumentalization. In my case, a rock band with a mandolin, accordian, and other such surprises makes it even better. Having a lead singer that is always adding alternative lyrics to the songs, making them different every time you see them also keeps me enthralled. Now imagine that you have just spent EIGHT hours STRAIGHT pretty much two to three FEET away from the lead singer of that band. No lie!

Watching Lucy Rose

Noon until eight pm, The Outlaw Roadshow had nineteen bands on three stages. At any given time, there were at least two bands playing at the same time while the third was setting up. Adam is SO into spreading new music that he was out in the crowd for every single performance. And almost every single band I saw, Adam was within reaching distance for at least some part of the performance. I mean, if I hadda been really, really brave I coulda reached out and touched him. I was third in line to get in but only waited a half hour before gates this time. Got a free tshirt in medium that fits so I guess the one I finally gave in and ordered will be too big in large.

After the Incredible Foreign Fields...yes, I actually did take pix of the bands that played but we DO have a theme going here. Work with me, people!!!

While we were waiting in line he kept looking out and finally came out and took a picture of everyone waiting in line. When they let us in, they handed out the tshirts and pretty much ordered us to see the first band playing outside. So we did. Cask Mouse. Great show. Threw out a coozie and I caught it. Turned back to say something to Zack and THERE'S ADAM! Just standing in the middle of the crowd (behind me!) rocking out. Then I went to the side bar stage to see Steven Roth (AWESOME) and ended up standing next to the bar with ONE person between me and Adam. Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons, Matt Hopper and the Roman Candles, Fantasmes, Mellow Bravo, Tallahassee, Nakia (SUPER second favorite band that played), Daniel and the Lion, Lucy Rose, Field Report ( have been listening to them for six months since Adam turned me onto them), Star and Micey ( now THAT guy has a HIGH voice!) amd ending with Filigar blowing EVERYONE away. I have also listened to them for six months cuz of Adam. Those are the bands that I know for sure I saw. Six out of nineteen bands I may or maynot have seen...I think that's proof that I'm not an absolute stalker. I even left the place WHILE Adam was still standing to the side talking to folks. I am NOT a stalker!

Watching Cask Mouse

I was sorta scared he was about to think I was with as many times I ended up on almost the same position standing behind him in every single one of those bands. It was early in the day, probably right after Steven Roth, that Zack and I were walking outside from the side stage bar to go back in the main entrance stage and there's Adam standing right in front of the door just texting his little fingers off. He actually did that all day long and I confirmed my suspicions when I checked his tweets after getting home. Cuz you know I can never sleep after concerts til I re-live the whole thing at least twice. He tweeted photos of all the bands so I did see at least some of each one after seeing his pix. And guess who looks like a wrinkly old loud mouth in the picture ADAM took of ME?!?!

So anyway, we hadn't been there long and I was already FEELING like a stalker trying to stand close enuf to wherever Adam was and get Zack to take a sneaky pic but he never would. So I just stood there armslength from Adam while he texted. Now or never. Or later. No better time, tho. When he looked up, I asked if I could bother him for a picture but never got to tell him about the nineteen years of devotion. "Just let me finish this first. It's administration..." Tweet away, my man. Tweet away. You wanna know that Zack just stood there waiting with the camera when he coulda got fifteen or more pix of me watching Adam tweet? And here's the kicker...Zack wimped out on me and went to the car by three!!!

Text It, Man. Text It.

Suffice it to say, I got over fifty pix and over forty videos and ran my fully charged camera down to less than one minute of battery. It was AWESOME! And I DIDN'T stalk Adam. Much. There were several times I even walked away from standing three feet from him to see who was playing on another stage. And a few minutes later, here comes Adam. And places HIMSELF a couple of rows behind or to the side of me. I feel like a twerpy schoolgirl all gushy like this. It's not love. Haha. It just amazes me that he makes himself so accessible. It felt like I was at a music festival WITH a good friend.

Texting during Steven Roth

Watching Nakia jam out...this was one of the times I left the show he was watching and HE followed ME.

The accessible thing is why I love Counting Crows so much. All his emotions are laid bare in their music. Their music got me through the breakdown of my marriage and getting divorced and back re-married. Their music has always put into words and emotions things that I couldn't. Ron gets disturbed at how I can listen to the same music over and over. This, from the man that will joyfully watch a rerun of Stargate or Star Trek he has already seen eighteen times. So if I seem adolescent in my devotion to Adam and Counting Crows...I guess I just do. But it really isn't a crush thing. It's some crazy connection I feel that I'll probably never be able to explain. Sorta like knowing every word to a song that I haven't even HEARD in THIRTY years. I'm in heavenly bliss.

Matt Hopper and the Roman Candles

Hey! Adam has MY picture in his phone now!!! hahahahaha Guess that will help when he has to identify his stalker, right? They're leaving for Australia tomorrow...and I was the ONLY person wearing a CC tshirt. Just doesn't make any sense... I keep posting the blog and then remembering more fun stuff. Like when I kept blocking Filligar as they were bringing their gear onstage. It wasn't on purpose! That band REALLY rocked! They are all really young and it was so loud I really couldn't hear voices...and still can't hear much of anything at one am, five hours later. But they were so good that even with Adam just to the side, I wasn't watching him at all. I was rocking out. Every once in awhile I would look his way and he would be looking my way with a giant smile and once the drummer of Filligar held eye contact with me with a HUGE grin for what seemed like two minutes straight....I think he was thinking "Rock On, GRANDMA!!!!"

Tell me Filligar wasn't rocking out!

Also, I ended up leaning on the speaker for Filligar. I could FEEL the sound waves pushing my leg back!

Here's another pic Adam took of Star and Micey. I was JUST outside the pic to the left. Moved up in front of the black guy during Filligar. I think he's in the band cuz he looked like he was jamming on some sort of keyboard. He was taking pix of all the bands too all day...and not only did his jeans sag below his underwear, you could see every tiny bit of his tidy whiteys! Leg skin almost!
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