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Official first day of 5k training

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The program I decided to use was one that I started last spring, the Spark "5K your way walk/jog." Last spring I got exactly 2 sessions in. Neither of them was conducted as written. The plan for week one is walk 4 minutes, jog 1, repeat 5 times (25 minutes). In last years sessions I jogged for about 30 seconds 2 or 3 times. I had terrible shin splints and it sucked. I kept walking and doing other things through august, then working out became sporadic.

Today I set out on the track knowing that I can do two laps in 4 minutes I had my plan and timing and an idea of what this would look like. I got to my second time around the track and was under 4 minutes (yippie!) and started jogging. I didn't try to "run," I jogged. The end of 1 minute was right about where I expected it to be. Imagine the excitement and pride when I made it that whole minute! I managed to do the 25 minutes as prescribed by the program. Even better than that, I could even walk a few laps as a cool down. I did a grand total of 1.7 miles in 30 minutes. I am quite proud of my 18 minute mile plus some cool down time. This is huge for me, and quite encouraging. Hubby came along and ran his 5k at a pace of about 13 minutes a mile. Since hubby was running longer than I did, I used the stationary bike for the remaining 11 minutes. Yup, after walking and jogging I could still do the bike and my legs don't feel like they are on fire. Things are looking up.

My foot and ankle held up. I have been trying to keep it up a bit more today. When I finish here I am going to go sit on the couch with my glass of wine and watch some TV with hubby.

I did REALLY well with my food today. I made meatless stuffed mushrooms that were pretty filling but not very high calorie. I tried a new brand of protein bars: Pure Protein. They have less soy protein than the brand I had been getting and really liked. Because of my PCOS I have to limit my soy because of the hormone/estrogen contained by soy. It's unfortunate because soy is a cheap and good source of protein. Whacha gonna do? Even having some white rice for dinner along with my tacos I still have enough calories for my glass of wine, chobani bite (caramel & pineapple greek yogurt), and some popcorn during our tv/movie time. That will put just at my low range.

Since I haven't really been doing much and eating crap for the past several months, I have forgotten how great it feels to get some exercise and eat well for two days in a row.

Tomorrow should be interesting. We are going with some friends for Chinese "lunch." We will be getting there by 10am. Apparently this place is very popular for their Sunday dim sum or whatever the special is and it gets packed after 10, so 9:45 lunch it is. I guess. emoticon

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