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Day 471- Everything Happens for a Reason (and vacation pics!)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

So... if you've been following my blogs, you know that I've been training for my half-marathon on April 14. And when I signed up, I told my boyfriend JD that he HAD to be there. He of course agreed.

If you've been following my blogs, you might also know that my dear sweet Grandma died on December 29, 2012, the day after JD's final football game. I of course, didn't go to JD's bowl game in Louisiana because I needed to be with my mother and family at that moment. But losing my Grandma really hurt, and missing JD's last football game ever was rough too.

Well today, JD called me (he went home for the weekend) to tell me that he had good news and bad news. The good news was that he's been asked to play in the Ohio Vs. Michigan Senior Bowl! However, the bad news is that one of the practices is on April 14.

Well, silly me I kept waiting for the bad news. He's contemplating not playing in this game to see me in my half marathon but I told him that's CRAZY! It was fate, destiny, divine intervention...whatever you want to call it. I am going to get to see him play his last football game EVER.

I think I'll keep running races, and he's been to 5k's I've done. A half marathon is a big deal, but I am SO proud and excited for him being selected that I don't mind that he won't be at the finish line. He'll watch me cross the start, and depending on how fast I run, he might see me finish.

The point is... I get to see his last football game ever. And for that I am so thankful.

Oh and I promised some beach pics from vacation. I realized this break, I spent a lot less time worrying about how I looked in my bathing suit. I'm still obviously the biggest of my friends, but not my much. I'm pretty much a normal sized woman now, and that feels awesome. So here are the pictures :)

I'm the green sweatshirt on the right. Normal sized right?

I have some beautiful friends.

Last year I would have dreaded a photo like this. Now, I'm pretty okay with how I look.

We had such a great vacation.

I truly love this man.

Hope you're having a good weekend.
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