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Day 315: A Cornucopia

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Golden Cornucopia. You want it, but you can't have it!

Not really sure it will be considered a cornucopia, but I do have a few things to cover in this blog. Let's be honest here, I really just wanted to use the word cornucopia. I mean, you literally need a cornucopia of cornucopia's in your life! Am I right? Hopefully this first paragraph let you meet your allotment of cornucopia's for the day. If not, you better go seek some higher power cornucopia! God speed my friend.

Now that we have that out of the way, let us discuss weight loss. More specifically, mine. I know it seems a bit narcissistic, but after all, it is my blog. With my weigh-in yesterday (down 2 lbs.), I have now lost 142.9 lbs. in 315 days. Those numbers really mean a couple of things to me.

One, I can't believe that I am actually able to type on here that I have lost 142.9 lbs! I mean, I knew it was possible but I didn't! Know what I mean? I am now only 23.6 lbs. away from reaching my original goal! That also seems really hard to believe!

Two, I am only 50 days away from 1 year! Just 50!

That 50 number is the one that really has me thinking. Do you want to know what I am thinking? (You guys are always so wonderful and always want to know) I am wondering if I can hit my goal number by day 365? Could I hit my goal within 1 year of starting this crazy thing? Is that possible?

The answer is, YES! Of course I can. It is just under 1/2 pound a day. That is totally doable, right? Yea, but...

Isn't there always a "yea, but?" In this case, it isn't a bad "yea, but?" It really isn't. It would be #SuperWonderfulFantastic to make my goal within 365 days, but if I don't, I won't stress over it. I won't lose any sleep. I know that I will be really close to it by then, so what does it matter if it takes me 375 or 385 days? Doesn't mean I don't hope to make it by 365, it just means that I am being realistic about it!

I said a cornucopia, so let us cover some other things.

Not Joking.

I am thinking about going vegetarian. Well, not so much thinking about it, but more like I am going to try it for a month starting April 1st. I am really into challenging myself these days, so I thought that going vegetarian would be an interesting challenge. I figure, try it for a month and see how I like it. See how it makes me feel. We'll see, and I'm sure I will keep you updated on how that goes.

Took this myself the other night! Nice, right?

Our Rec basketball season is over :( We lost our first playoff game on Thursday night by 2 points, season over! I really wish we could have gotten the W and gotten at least one more game in. But the basketball experience for me was fantastic! It was a lot of fun and another good challenge for myself! No way I could have even considered playing basketball with all of the running a year ago, but now I want more! Looking forward to playing again!

Bringing The Fight!

Last thing for today, Les Mills Ultimate Warrior Combat Hybrid workout. Say that 5 times fast, I dare ya! I am done with the first 14 days of the 60 day workout plan. I have to say, I am loving the program. I have been sore for the first time in many months! It is the good kind of sore that means I am working some new muscles! Plus I have lost 8.8 lbs. in the first 14 days, so you can't argue those results. Really looking forward to see what the next 46 days can do for me!

Bring It On Connery!

Ok, I lied, one more thing. Picking up my tux this week for my cousins wedding next Saturday. Looking forward to getting some good pics with my girls (they are the flower girls). Might even sneak in a James Bond type pose or three ;)

Embrace The Possibilities

Good Day Sparkville
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Ok, LOVED the cornucopia thing, lol! Next HOW did you lose 142lbs in less than a year. Seriously, YOU should be writing a book... SO not kidding! I so badly want you to meet your goal, how amazing would that be?!? Can't wait to see the tux pics, especially with those lovely Bond girls by your side ; )
    1832 days ago
  • LISAMG1220
    Great blog my friend! Your success is such a strong motivator for me. You are doing an awesome job! I am so happy and proud for you! You rock!!!!!
    1833 days ago
    You are the biggest example of what a determined mind can accomplish! All I can do is sit here and smh. (Thank you for teaching me what that means, lol.) But I'm smh-ing in a good way. You never cease to amaze me with your triumphs and positive attitude. Seriously, though??? Kiss you, you're a vegetarian??? Seriously?? I can KISS YOU??!! Lol...hey, let me tell you, my daughter is a vegetarian and she loves how it makes her feel. But you gotta eat alot, especially with the workouts you're doing to get the calories you need. And lots of beans and dark green veggies to get your IRON. She had a big problem with that when she first started. They wouldn't let her donate blood because her iron was so low. So be careful. But I'm sure you are researching that as I will make it a success just like you have everything else! :)

    I want to be the first to get your Connery pose. PROMISE ME. Promise me, Brad, lol. And great basketball pic by the way. I did a similar shot with my motorcycle. I can imagine you lying on the basketball court taking that shot, lol! But it was worth it! You are definitely a photographer unlike your best friend!

    I love you. You always make me smile. :)
    1833 days ago
    315 days ago you started with a goal.

    Not every goal is attainable. Sometimes because we need more time. Sometimes our sights are set too high. However, NO goal is attainable if we don't first set out to achieve it and take regular, proactive steps toward its completion. So many are overwhelmed by the seeming "impossibility" of reaching the goal and therefore self sabotage.

    You set your goal. And took your first tentative steps forward. Not once did you look back and say, "I don't think I can..." The number on the scale is just a number. Your success so far has been amazing. Your determination--a force to be reckoned with. I have no doubt you will reach your goal weight. I would also bet money you reach your goal by your anniversary.

    Good luck with the vegetarian trial period. I hope you like it and find it works for you.

    Can't wait to see your 007 portfolio!

    1833 days ago
    emoticon great blog..I'm a vegetarian and I know I feel great emoticon
    emoticon Congratulations on your loss.. emoticon emoticon
    1833 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/16/2013 6:29:27 PM
    Wow! Congrats on the loss first, that is huge! You are so close to your goal. And becoming a vegetarian! I will send all my positive vibes your way that you will stick to it and enjoy it. You are much stronger than I, no way could I give up meat lol.

    I looked into buying the Combat series. Looks like you are enjoying it and getting good results! Go you!
    1833 days ago
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