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Pierogies, haluski, and fried fish, you say?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Not gonna lie, today we went to St. Max's fish fry (fried fish sandwich, crab cakes, pierogies, haluski, potato pancakes...all that Eastern European grandma cooking, way heavy on the carb). Less than ideal regarding how I fueled, but considering that I feel confident in how things are trending and how good habits have been ingrained, I'm comfortable with it. I suppose it could be rationalization, but unless it's part of systemic negative trending, no problem.

Picked up some other fitness tools, beaded jump rope on the cheap from Five Below, cheap cycling jersey from Dick's Sporting Goods...wasn't really looking for cycling gear, but they had a sale that hit my price point. Was actually looking for some additional stuff for dumbbell work...extra plate, handles, etc.

Last week was some serious hardcore stress that I was having trouble managing, regarding contracts I'm working on. Unresolved, but I'm having to work on that element of being able to manage the stress efficiently without having it bleed into other aspects of home/work life. A developed skill that takes a lot of practice, for sure.

On another note, as a parent, I think that we always are concerned whether or not we're doing the best job we can, and many times we are very aware of our mistakes and screw-ups, so when something on the other end comes out positive, it's something we should really value and appreciate.

A few days ago, Big Boy, our eldest (7), was shopping with the DW and found this shining red light bleeping thing in the parking lot. DW talked to him and they agreed that they should bring it to the store management to see if someone had lost it.

Turned out this was a part of someone's cochlear implant. They had called the store frantically looking for this a few minutes prior. It was nice because we had left our number with the store and they left a message thanking us for returning the implant part that they had only had for a short time.

Big Boy was very proud of himself for doing the right thing, and we made sure to let him know that we were proud that he was someone's "every day hero".

Things like this have a way of putting the stress of work/life in perspective.

I've been plateaued for the last several years, within the low to mid 160s and am re-evaluating my admittedly arbitrary goal of dropping down to 150.

The question is can I reach that without harming my power/weight ratio...I'm not sure. I'll see how this 200K attempt in May goes, and if I'm satisfied with my performance...I'll have to see what I want to accomplish, and if my arbitrary goal makes sense from a performance standpoint.

Still tweaking the fit on Sunstreaker, the new cyclocross rig. Felt "twitchy" and slightly cramped on the last ride, so I'm working on adjusting saddle setback, to see if that resolves some of the handling issues. Last night ride, had a nasty experience with chainsuck, with the chain wedging itself between the chainstay...likely because I'm still getting used to the shifting with integrated shifters. All a learning process, but scratching your frame's new paint...*facepalm*

Ah well, character, I guess...none of my gear is pristine, because none of it hangs in the garage gathering dust.

As they say, "a rolling stone gathers no moss".

Hope you're all having a great weekend and progressing towards your goals!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Love your blog even while you get all technical with road racing gear - hahahaha
    and loved this one with your story about parenting Big Boy -- how great was that! You and DW must have celebrated with the hero..... a sweet surprise for everyone and a good indicator of you and DW's parenting skills.

    1650 days ago
  • HILLSLUG98239
    Darn it - I hoped this was gonna have recipes! emoticon
    1650 days ago
    I started focusing more on building muscle and a strong core instead of getting to a certain number. 1 pound of fat looks way different then a pound of muscle. Keep pumping out those scorchers! emoticon
    1651 days ago
    I'm not judging your Lenten indulgence. You are just living life and enjoying a great meal. I'm sure eating like that is not the norm. So glad you found some great bargains! It's nice when they pop up when you aren't really looking for them isn't it? I'm so proud of Big Boy! What could have been a fun little pocket toy for him turned out to be a very expensive piece of important equipment. Way to go setting the example! I re-evaluated my goal a couple years ago. I should be 10 pounds lower than I am, but after several years of trying to get there, I realize my body wants to stay where it is. It's still better than having an extra 50 pounds on. And for the most part, I am able to keep it at a steady range where I am. You have to be realistic about it. Have a great week Jun! Great blog and writing as usual! emoticon
    1651 days ago
    Sounds great brother.....I'm in somewhat the same boat this weekend. Body demands rest and there's some wicked food to be had between dinners out, St Patty's Day, and #2 son's birthday dinner (scrmabled eggs, bacon, and hash browns!)

    But, we have worked hard for months at a time....we feast, we indulge, we enjoy with abandon....then get right back on that bike, heft those weights high overhead, push, pedal, and pull till we're alright again with the world!

    Great job by Big Boy....mom & dad should be proud!
    1652 days ago
    Hey there, KA_JUN - life is complicated, and your episode with Big Boy was certainly rewarding and points to leading your kids in the right direction. Great, too, that you're maintaining your exercise (and power) while losing some pounds you don't want. I expect you'll find that exercise and strength training maintain or increase your strength and power while you get trim - maybe even cut.

    Take care... Doug
    1652 days ago
    Gotta love the Lenten tradition of the fish fry. I have not gone to any yet, but the local one has baked instead of fried so I can get a healthy choice. I love the scratches on my bike! Like you said it means you are getting out and enjoying using it. Good job to your son. The moment they make you proud makes up for some of the dumb stuff we do.
    1652 days ago
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