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An interesting day

Friday, March 15, 2013

It was an absolutely perfect day here. Sunny, breezy and this afternoon it got up to 75 degrees. I love winter days like this!
This morning my Aunt and I decided to go shopping - rare treat since she's 85 and doesn't walk as good as she'd like. If she felt better she'd be doing this everyday! So I told her not to come get me, that I would walk over. It doesn't take 10 minutes to get to her apartment from my house. 10 minutes is if I have to wait to cross the roads very long. It only took 6 minutes to get there. Then we went shopping. We walked through stores for 90 minutes. A record for her. We went out for a burger and yes, french fries. I don't get them often but I wanted them today. She splurged on peach cobbler but I declined dessert. She tried to tempt me with different candy and cookies at the stores but I declined them too. I'm getting better. The only temptation I gave into was sunflower kernels. I am going to make a loaf of sunflower seed bread in my bread machine tomorrow I hope - my son thought that would sound good. After unloading the car at her apartment I loaded up my bag and walked home. Then walked my dog. We ended up taking two walks today. The last walk was the interesting one. Here's the story:
I was walking my 37 pound chow mix this afternoon when this little fur ball who couldn't have weighed more than 5 pounds comes charging at her. Her owner was cringing because she just knew my dog would eat her up. Instead my dog was like "mom, there's this furry thing under me, what's happening?" Turns out the little fur ball was using my dog as an escape! She hid under my dog. Wish I had gotten my phone out and snapped a picture. Anyway it took a little doing but we "rescued" fur ball and her owner was happy. You just never know. Dogs are so much fun.
Even though I've gained weigh this week, I'm not upset too badly because my jeans are a little looser and I noticed my tops are getting looser. The XL top I bought the other day didn't look too bad either. It was tighter than my other XLs but not too bad. So that made me feel pretty good.
Then to brighten my mood even more I logged on here. I was checking my page and I noticed something on it that I hadn't before. That's not to say it wasn't there before because I can be totally unobservant. There it stood out "SparkPeople Motivator" OMG! I just couldn't believe it.
Thank all you wonderful friends for that! I never expected to see anything like that on my page. That just made my day.
My foot is much better today. All my walking made it hurt a little but nothing major or like what it was before yesterday's doctor visit. I'm thrilled to feel so much better than I did yesterday morning. My knees and hips hurt less and I'm not walking like I was 123. I have had this fascination with the age of 123 since I was a kid - why? who knows but I have. So when I feel bad I say I'm 123. Otherwise I'm just a different age everyday. Today I felt like I was 25 instead of 58. Nothing wrong with that.
We have to get out there and make life fun again! 70 pounds ago I would have said "yeah right!" and that's how I felt. Now I'm out there doing things I wouldn't have dared do when I was this weight and in my early 20s. Back then I would have never dreamed about going hiking. Yet, last summer I got on a section of the Appalachian Trail and hiked my first hike - hoping to go again this summer. Last year I hiked to Abrahms Falls in the Great Smoky Mountains which is rated moderately difficult - and it is rough! OMG is it ever! The point is - I did it. I persisted and challenged myself to go the distance and I did. Yes, I did have an asthma attack and my blood sugar bottomed out but I took care of them. I made sure I did the hike and returned to the parking lot with my brother and some other hiker who joined us on the return trip. I've always loved walking but I quit for over 20 years. I isolated myself from the world. I went to work and came home, took care of my disabled husband until he had a massive heart attack and died in Oct 2004 and my young son. I turned 50 and two weeks later was a widow. I got seriously depressed. I've had a problem with that all my life. I still do. I feel so much better getting outside and walking with my dog. Since I rejoined SP in July 2011 I have logged 894 miles of walking and my dog has been by my side almost the whole time, except on vacations. She's 11 now but still loves to walk. I let her lead on our adventures.
Challenge yourself to do something new - anything that you normally aren't doing.
Love yourself NOW. Do not put it off another day. We are not guaranteed those days. You have to love yourself now. Spread that love to others.Smile. Be kind. Compliment someone. Spread joy and happiness to those around you. You never know how much someone might be needing it.
Don't be a slave to the scale. It's just a number. Use it as a guide to where you are. I know myc weight will fluctuate up to 3 pounds daily. I'm on Lasix, a fluid pill, so I have to weigh daily. I go by how I feel. How my clothes are fitting. Those are the non-scale victories we all have.
Live life now. Put on a brave smile and go forth in this world. Have confidence in yourself. It will show and you will feel better.
Sending you all love and hugs - have a fantastic weekend!
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