How Time Flies!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Holy Moly - Elliott is going to be a month old on Sunday - that's crazy to me! It actually just seems like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital. Crazy to think that on Tuesday will be his 1 month appointment - and I'm assuming he's over 9lbs already, this boy is HUGE!

It has been an amazing few weeks. Very trying and tiring at times (like when he decides to cluster-feed nonstop for 3. Straight. Hours. Thank God for breastfeeding convenience!!)

This week, Brad went back to work, so Elliott and I have been on our own. To go from pretty well 3 full weeks of having my parents or Brad's parents here, plus Brad, to all by my lonesome has been quite the learning curve. I have had my frustrating points, but for the most part, DAMN I love this adorable little boy!

He is sleeping much better at night. He at least will go down in his bassinet now! He still only sleeps 3 hours MAX at a time (average is about 2 hours) but his wakings are getting shorter and more efficient and he is going down easier.

Naps during the day are completely erratic - and very very very rarely will he let me put him in his bassinet for them. They usually end up occuring laying on my chest or in his bouncer chair. I really really REALLY hate this and want to try to overcome this hurdle with him next week.

I've started tracking my food again, and started tracking a couple walks with Elliott. We spend a little time outside everyday in the carrier. Today (due to snow) it was only to the mailbox and back (less than 5 minutes) but yesterday was GORGEOUS we did the "long loop" of the subdivision! 35 minutes of walking with him in the carrier! (I swear he's in there somewhere!)

So we are slowly getting back on track! I think my weight has settled between 153-155lbs now (pre-preg was 138, so my goal by July 1 is 140). I am still giving myself the rest of the month (holy jeebus, it's halfway through) to ease back to it, especially because I haven't been officially cleared for take-off yet!

...that and there is no such thing as consistency at this point, and I'm dying for some!

Elliott pictures!

3 weeks old in this picture - and first time in a cloth diaper - which is AWESOME and we are fully in for days now, and soon to start on nights! So happy they fit him already!

We read together every single day - no excuses!!

A chubby cheek day! Hilarious - chubby one day, stretched out skinny the next! Infant growth spurts are very noticeable!

Getting to know my bear!

Time to sign off! Brad's been off by 4pm every day this week... and tonight... still no word of him being done. It's 7:10pm right now, and typically we start Elliott's bedtime routine (whatever semblance we have of one anyway) around 7:30pm... looks like I'm on my own! *minor heart attack*

I hate... hate... HATE that about Brad's job. *epic rant begins* Not only does he not know about working a day until the night before (he calls into a job line) - sometimes the job line is posted at 5pm, sometimes not until 930pm. And at that point, we still have no idea if he's off by noon or 9pm. Then - as if this isn't cruddy enough - he might start the day with a job that would be done by whatever time, and so he thinks he'll be done by a specific time, but more often than not, more job time gets added on. Literally every day this week, he thought there was "a chance" of not working the next day. He's worked every day. Then for today, his task on the job line "sounds like I'll be done by about 2pm" - just got the text right now saying "45 minutes"... now I have to decide between telling him to cab home so I can get Elliott settled, or risk screwing up Elliott's bedtime to get him (because of course, this happened on one of 2 days this week that I happened to keep the car)

I thought it pissed me off before a kid - well holy crap - this sucks... I wish I had some idea when my respite comes home , not to mention he is going to be SO upset if Elliott is already to bed by the time he gets home. He admits that his absolute favorite thing every day is his Elliott/Daddy snuggle time. (this was taken in the hospital probably 12 hours after Elliott was born - it's how he best falls asleep still, on Daddy's chest)

*rant over* - time to start gently waking Elliott (ugghhh...) to get him changed, fed, and into the car to get Brad.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    He's SO adorable! Ya'll are all so cute together. Love all the pics. I can only imagine how hard it is to get a newborn into a routine, but it seems like you are doing a great job and doing your absolute best. Ya'll already seem like amazing parents.

    1828 days ago
    I absolutely hated when C was on a similarly ridiculous schedule. It's so hard to plan anything, to do anything... ever! I can't imagine trying to raise an infant with that kind of craziness. It was hard for us to train the dog!

    He is absolutely beautiful in every way. You're handling this like a freakin' pro.
    1828 days ago
    Oh my oh my oh my! Look how much he's changed already! He is so adorable!!!!!! And it sounds like his little personality is already revealing itself, too! I love that you read to him every day. I don't think you can ever start that too early.

    That is insane about Brad's job! Why is it so last minute all the time? How are people supposed to plan anything? Not to mention, as you said, that you have Elliott to think of now, too. I don't know what goes on with all that, but for your sake I hope they change up their policy for the better for you!

    Love the update! Thanks for posting!
    1829 days ago
    He is so flippin cute!! And you are just doing amazing especially with the weight loss and easing back into your healthy stuff. You are so organized and doing the best you can with a baby that doesn't understand how organized you are, at least not just yet. You are so awesome and such a good mommy!! emoticon
    1830 days ago
    Wow... almost a month already?!! Unreal! You're doing really well though. I know nothing about parenthood, but I'm proud of you. emoticon

    LOVED the photos, thanks. And you're liking the cloth diapers, eh? I've known lots of people who wanted them as baby shower gifts but haven't heard any reports of people actually using them successfully. Even my eco-spaz brother was vehement about using cloth diapers... until my niece was born. Then disposables were just easier. Who knows, maybe they did use them... but I'm glad you're liking yours!

    Hugs and hang in there... You'll get the hang of this momming-while-Brad's-working thing pretty soon. (And then E-man'll throw you another curve ball, I'm sure, but hey - that's kids!) emoticon
    1832 days ago
    Elliott is adorable! Do you think he looks more like you or Brad now? It always amazes me how much a baby's face changes during the first year of life.

    Thanks for the update emoticon I always look forward to reading you blog posts :)
    1832 days ago
    It sounds like you are settling in really well with him. It can be trying doing it on your own when your hubs is not there but I alwyas looked at it as irreplaceable bonding time with my baby :) And I agree that Brad's job sounds like it totally sucks :( Hope things continue to go well for you all!!!
    1832 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    What a wonderful way to be taken off track!
    He is adorable and you can tell that the both of you are madly in love with your bundle of joy! Cherish these moments, soon he will be crawling and then walking and then discover he has a mind of his own!
    1832 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    Yes, time does fly, Carly will be 8 weeks tomorrow! And Chad will be 12 years tomorrow!
    He's so darn cute Grace! Glad things are going well (mostly). Good luck with getting Elliot to sleep in his bassinet! I know it's hard, but try your best to do it. We failed on this with Preston and it sucked. He was 5 months old I think until we could finally get him to sleep in his crib. He slept in his car seat for the most part...something about that upright position. Ugh.
    Anyway, hang in there! Take care of yourself and enjoy this precious time! You're doing great momma!
    1832 days ago
    Congrats and lol in that first pic I can see your dad for some reason, and of course you read daily with a librarian mother. lol You have been very lucky that you have everyone near by ( well semi near) to help you. I was in Ontario and everyone was in PEI, believe me you learn quickly how to cope.
    Love the pic of daddy and Elliott time! sweet.
    HUGs and hope he starts sleeping all night, my first slept that very first night and continued, and lisa 2wks old so for that I was very very lucky.
    1832 days ago
    Elliot is such an adorable little boy! I remember the cluster feeding, it was AWFUL. BF is so rewarding & so convenient though!
    1832 days ago
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