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100 lbs gone, a long, long journey!!! (now with pics)

Friday, March 15, 2013

March 15, 2013 has been one of the greatest days of my life besides so far the greatest day when my fiancé proposed. I have finally lost 100 pounds!!!! My weight loss journey began September 25, 2009 I stepped on the ole dial scale and watched it spin around and stop on 10, woo hoo I weigh 10 lbs….or 310 lbs…ominous music plays. That night watching late night infomercial feeling sorry for myself and not sure what to do I finally decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and take action. What made me decide this? Well other than weighing 310 lbs a little infomercial came on, you might have seen it before…thigh master…just kidding P90X. I watched the moves they were doing on the tube and decided I could do that it was good solid fitness, push-ups, weights, jumping. I knew I couldn’t wait a week to get started or it was just not going to happen at the time I was in a very unhealthy relationship that was about to end thankfully. I went to work and asked a co-worker to borrow his copy since he was not using it at the time. I started the videos on September 27th and it was a moment where it became a reality check as to how out of shape I was. I had been fooling myself for a long, long time that I was just bigger, big boned, muscular whatever I was huge and I was unhealthy. I would sweat and hurt going up the 15 steps to my bedroom, I was struggling to breathe at night, I was having heart palpitations, and I was scared I was going to have a heart attack at 29 (pause here because I was crying this might actually be the first time I have admitted this). I had just watched my mom have a heart transplant in May and as much as I love her I didn’t want to be her. My measurements were disturbing: Hips 52 inches, waist 46.5 inches, thigh 33 inches (might I point out that now my waist is 33 inches my thigh was as big as some people’s waist!). I modified and modified and managed to get through the 90 days. I lost 38 lbs, 6.5 inches off my waist, 4.5 inches off my hips and 2.75 inches off my thigh I was feeling pretty good. I kept going with P90X and started Insanity as well. My sister had started losing weight and was going to run a half marathon so I decided not only would I run a half marathon I would sign up for the Chicago Marathon in October that was 3 days after my 30th birthday. I thought surely by then I would be down to 190 lbs and super fit (my runner friends can laugh at this because we know how running really is for weight loss). I ran my first half marathon with my sister in May 2010, the Indy Mini. I continued to train for Chicago all summer, running my second half marathon in July. One thing I will say is don’t give up no matter how people hate, I once was jogging and someone made cow noises at me, I had someone who saw me running and said I was really slow (well yeah I weigh 250 and I’m in the middle of 8 miles), I had some guy make fun of me at a race, and I just kept going. In October 2010 I completed the Chicago Marathon at 243lbs I think (trying to decipher a couple years of training logs, I keep a training log and a food log) I did it in 7:09:18 in almost 90 degree heat and in a race where many quit and some went to the hospital. I may have been slow but I made it! Then post big race blues kicked in and while I kept working out I slowly gained 20lbs over the winter, but it was also around this time I met the greatest person I know, my fiancé Mike who not only encourages me but you can’t live life with him being out of shape. With Mike I go swimming, fishing, canoeing, bike riding, rollerblading, kayaking, (this part is for my sister to laugh about) and any sort of sweating possible!!! In short 2011 is a blur and I mostly just maintain weight losing a little but nothing major I just enjoyed life and activity I ran the Indy Mini again and in September I completed my first sprint triathlon at around 245 lbs. In 2012 I did much of the same mostly maintaining I spent most of the year around 230-235 and at one point I got down to 225 this is my first little taste of getting closer to onederland. I completed an Olympic distance triathlon in August due to an ankle injury training did not go well and I decided to drop down from the half iron distance that I wanted to try. While I did well in my Olympic triathlon I was very unhappy, I had never not completed something I said I was going to. This led me to some laziness and some bad eating habits. I knew once again I had to stop feeling sorry for myself, stop making excuses, and do the work! In January 2013 I started the Ultimate Reset. The first thing I had to get back into control was my eating. On January 2nd I weighed in at 244.6 lbs I followed the program to the letter and I lost 22 lbs. This was just what I needed I did feel truly reset I had the energy for my workouts. I started my running again and I was faster! I kept up the good eating habits and the weight kept going down the measurements kept going down. Here I am now 100 lbs lighter 13.5 inches off my waist, 10 inches off my hips, and 5.5 inches off my thigh. I am happy that it has taken time and not always been easy because it means that it is a lasting change, truly a lifestyle change. Now time to get back to work and on my way to onederland!!!
My before is as close to the 310 as I can find I avoided the camera at all costs when I was heavy so there aren't probably any true before photos in existence.
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