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Flower pics from walk at lunch last week

Friday, March 15, 2013


I was amused to have the OUTLAW teams QOTD ask if we were seeing flowers yet. I've been meaning to upload these from my phone to share. One day last week I decided to spend my half hour lunch walking around the block and then started taking pics with my camera of the flowers I saw.

These trees are pretty neat when they burst out in small flowers, then it "snows" pale pink. It looks even cooler on green grass, but I never take my phone when I walk Buster and that's when I see a similar tree surrounded by grass.

Another tree, but much larger flowers on this one. Can't see him, but there was a big bumblebee buzzing around quite happily -- one of the fat black ones that is as thick as the tip of my pinkie.

Spring's sentinel.

(Sadly overexposed -- just way too much sun at that time of day.)

The ubiquitous lawn invaders. The white ones (that are too bright there) were what we called "daisies" as little kids and plucked petals off of. It wasn't until I was older and growing flowers in a garden that I discovered real daisies have much thicker stems and all our failed attempts to make daisy chains suddenly were explained.

These are not the tiny, very deep purple flowers I've actually been trying to find. However, they were the first of dozens of purple flowers of all sorts of varieties I've been seeing ever since I mentioned a particular one I don't know the name of. I'm still looking for them. (I think I mentioned it in a thread to the OUTLAWS, but basically they are a very small flower and the color, at least in my memory, is a very deep blue-violet shade. I seem to remember them growing low like ground cover, not tall on stems. But I can't find any now that I'm keeping an eye out.

So there we have it -- Spring does come early in Northern California. (And the days getting into the low 70s are another sign of that.)
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