4 hour hike (this is short, more tomrrow)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Well today we went back to the canyon to hike to the Lighthouse rock. Today was supposed to be in lower 70s but 82 by the time we got out!

I DID NOT FALL AT ALL!!!!! And at one point if you want to actually go all the way up to the formation you have to go up a steep slope! Then you can actually climb up the formation next to it!!! We did that!!!!! Photos to come tomorrow.

We didn't get to look at rings but have to go see Ryan's brother tomorrow so we will go then :)

I'm dehydrated and sunburned so I'm going to bed.... I had the right amount of water the park ranger says to bring.. LIES!!! You need more! He says a gallon per person...heck no that gallon goes fast in extreme heat.

Goodnight all!!!!
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