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Long walk!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Took a long walk today, almost 4 miles. It was a great day, if really cold... when I first got started, I wished I'd brought my gloves, my hands hurt so much. I wanted to move, though, so I went anyway.

Fortunately, as the sun got higher, it got a bit warmer. I explored the empty subdivision behind my house a bit, and walked to the girls' school. Had a scary encounter with a german shepherd. He opened his gate, and came charging at us, barking and raising hell. He was coming right for me, too; I cussed and stood up to him, shouting "No!"

He wound up pulling up short and started playing with my dog! Stinker. He was all bark. He tried to follow us, so I went back to the house. The garage was slightly open, so someone was home. I rang the doorbell, but no answer. I went around to the back, put him in his yard, and there was a leash beside the gate on the fence, so I attached that to the little hole in the gate latch that keeps it from going up so he wouldn't come out again.

The house was for sale, so I called the owner to let him know what happened. He was really thankful and apologetic.

And as I was walking down the street, the wife came out and was walking around the house all confused.

It helps to answer the doorbell when it rings, not 10 minutes after the visitor leaves, lady.

The walk back home was less eventful. The whole circuit ended up being shorter than I thought it would be. Found a nice shortcut through the park.

Did discover my other neighbor's dog is out AGAIN. I've already called animal control twice. Last time, they finally came the next DAY, after the owners had put the animals up, but I talked to the officer, and he said that if I take pictures, he can give them a citation based on that.

I hate to be THAT neighbor, but I'll be honest. This is a dangerous dog, he's aggressive and has charged me twice, and they don't take care of them at all. THey lock them in a small backyard pen, ignore them completely. Last time, BOTH dogs were out, and they were out for THREE DAYS. They never pay any attention to them, they don't provide them with adequate shelter, and they've never actually kept t hem appropriately fenced in.

The two animals also pushed into MY yard the other day. It was a small miracle the girls weren't in the yard and that they didn't notice my outside cat, who was sleeping on the porch a few feet away from t hem. They could have killed her! My dog was fortunately sleeping in his doghouse. These two antagonize him through the fence, so there likely would have been a fight.

So, I'm going to print out that picture and call animal control again. Maybe a damn fine will make them either deal with the animals or get rid of them.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Glad you got out and enjoyed a long walk. Sounds to me like you're handling all the animal issues correctly. Keep it up!
    1832 days ago
    Sounds like a good idea. You just can't be too cautious with aggressive dogs.
    1833 days ago
    Glad you got out there and took a nice, long walk. As for the dogs, take pictures - lots of pictures. Then email the pictures to animal control every time you get it along with the date, time, and explaination of the circumstances. Be sure to include the neighbor's information (address, name, how many people & dogs in the house, etc). When you're willing to do their job for them, then they will (sometimes) step in and complete the process and warn, fine, or even remove. The dog is never the problem, the owner is. There's nothing wrong from saving dogs from bad owners.
    1834 days ago
    It makes me sad when people don't care enough about their animals to care for them properly, and the common outcome is an aggressive animal. I don't even like letting my cat outside, when I do, I bring him to his catnip plant and sit on the ground while he rolls around on the plant and then take him back inside. Maybe im just a crazy cat lady lol.

    1834 days ago
    You must protect your safety and your girls... This is the most important!
    Too bad the dogs are not under control.
    1834 days ago
    glad you didn't get nipped. There are some little yippy dogs that chase me on my bike. GRRRRR!

    we had neighbors with an aggressive dog (and they had kids). The dog cornered me in my garage once; did the same thing to DH a few weeks later. I put a note in their mailbox: If you want to keep your dog, you need to find a way to keep it out of our yard!

    if that dog had gotten hold of the Boston Terrier or cocker spaniel we had at the time...I probably would have killed it with my bare hands.

    1834 days ago
    You've not had any luck with dogs lately!!
    1834 days ago
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