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Week 5 Weigh in And Earning Respect for My Mom the Hard Way

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I am down .3 lbs - Really? I think blowing my nose would affect that. Ah well. Today is a new week. A new beginning. 2 1/2 weeks until easter and we are going back to strict no sugar/junk for two weeks. I can do ANYTHING for two weeks!

On mornings like today I wonder how my mother survived raising 4 kids. I only have 3 and I often think I will not survive. My 3 1/2 year old is the most responsible one in the house in the mornings. He gets himself dressed better than my 10 year old daughter. My 7 1/2 year old daughter is the worst ...we call her the staller for a reason. Add into the mix the constant bicking and messing with each other that my girls do CONSTANTLY and its a recipe for disaster...and a recipe for being LATE. If I did not have a flexible work schedule I would of been FIRED months ago.

And to make matters worse I don't know how to fix it...or even make it better. I've thought of getting up at 4:30 instead of 5:00 but REALLY? Its not like we have to be out of the house by 6:30. We really just need to leave by 7:55 and our commute (thankfully) is minimal. They have over an hour to dress, fix hair, and eat. I have NO IDEA what they DO in the mornings. I take a shower, shave my legs, blow dry and curl all my hair, put on make up, drink 2 cups of coffee and have a protein bar in 45 minutes! Their brother gets dressed and eats in 15 min to a half hour depending on the breakfast. Well...what they are doing is spending most of their time bickering. Or ...the staller...well she will do just about anything except what she is supposed to be doing. First she stopped in front of the t.v. when she was supposed to be dressing (as her brother had it on b/c he is READY) then I prompted her to again get dressed and she makes it to her room and starts reading a book in her bean bag. WTH? All of this generally bothers me and makes me CRAZY before 8 a.m. most days of the week. The older I get the more I admire my mother and feel generally bad for alot of the stuff my sisters and brother and I put her through.
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    I have reached the lovely point in life where one of my children is now driving. (I also have 3 kiddos--2-16 year old girls and a 14 year old son), so I don't feel as stressed in the mornings. Since the girls are in high school, I was the one getting them to school in the mornings and then myself to work. One daughter is like the "staller". She takes FOREVER!!! We have taken to waking her up a good 45 minutes earlier than the other kids. AND, I also started calling out time reminders. "15 minutes (until we have to leave)", "10 minutes", etc. That did help. Keep up the good work momma--we will survive!!!
    1636 days ago
    I completely understand about your middle child as I have a staller too! I have to keep reminding her "What's the focus?" to help her stay on task. Every once in a while I have to stop and remind her of the focus and we discuss if what she is doing is helping or hindering the focus.

    Our new family yoga instructor sent an email to remind everyone to take a deep breath and huddle in a circle before heading out the front door in the mornings. Although there might be some benefit in taking a deep breath, I don't see where the time is to do that ;-)

    I don't understand how mothers, like yours, of many children do it either! But I am in awe and respect them, as well as the teachers and caregivers out there, and everyday mothers like yourself that do it all! The more I hear, the more I am impressed with how you are handling things! Tomorrow will be better, if not there is always the weekend!
    1677 days ago
    I guess I don't really see myself as being "trained" which would imply that I am not the one in control or that they basically do whatever they want. That is definitely not true. The blog was to vent and I do appreciate the moms who have responded. No one said it was going to be easy. Its just I didn't believe the hard things would be SO hard.
    1677 days ago
    It sounds like your kids have you trained well.

    When my kids were school age and I found myself in your shoes (sort of), I finally just told them what time it was about every 10 minutes or so. They knew what time the school bus came and if they missed it, they would have to wait until I went to town to pick up the mail or find another ride. I also would not write an excuse for them. It only took a couple of times and then they did quite well.

    Maybe you could just drop the "staller" off at a day care on days she is not ready for school. A couple of times having to spend the day with the much younger kids may cure her.

    Good luck, I hope you find something that works.

    1677 days ago
    I know this may sound crazy, but I was able to get my son to dress quickly by putting his clothes in the dryer in the morning. He loved them being warm and would dress quickly in order to feel that. My friends tease me for babying him, but it works!
    1677 days ago
    Hugs lady. I only have one and most mornings that is a challenge for me so I really feel for ya. Although things have gotten better since she started to dress herself. What doesn't help is neither my husband or I are morning people so we contantly are getting up at the very last second and they hussling to get us and her ready. I dread when school starts. As for the Staller, my middle sister is that way. We all would be ready to go and she's would still be in her pajama's saying it will just take me 5 minutes. 30 minutes later...... My only suggestion is maybe set a timer, say you have this much time to get dressed, if you don't I will pick out your clothes and you will not like it (pick a horrible mis matchy outfit). good luck
    1677 days ago
  • CARI2012
    Oh my goodness. It's a wonder you get out of the house at all! The only thing I could suggest is that they lay out their clothes the night before. That way all they have to do is physically PUT THEM ON. I mean, short of sleeping in their clothes for the next day, what else can you do!?!?! I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, but perhaps venting helps a little? Best of luck to you!
    1677 days ago
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