Mom making me second guess myself

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Good Morning...

Well I didn't get to workout this morning but I will be getting my car back this afternoon. I will packing my bag tonight. In 36 hours I will get to see Randy. I am so excited. This is the second trip I will make without my boy. As much as I will miss him, I need a little time to myself.

That being said, my mother made me feel so guilty. She thinks I don't spend enough time with Kaleb. She said because I have picked him up after work twice at her house and he didn't come running I am not giving him the time he needs.

She makes me second guess myself all the time. I hate when she does that. I feel like a crappy mom. I wish she would keep her opinions to herself.
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    Go and enjoy your "time off".

    Some grandmothers who look after their grandchildren seem to feel it a terrible imposition on them and their time.
    I had an incredibly supportive mother and mother-in-law. **So long as I didn't ask them to take on regular day care** both my own parents and my in-laws would do any baby-sitting they could, including the 60-mile round trip to collect the boys, or to bring them back home if necessary.
    I know many grandparents who love looking after the kiddies.
    I know many who do so, because families look after their own, especially when money is tight.
    And I know several who feel annoyed and imposed upon. They do it as a duty, although they reckon that they've already done their bit by bringing you up!

    Just try to let your mum's comments wash over you, as long as she's not dissing you to your son when you're not around!

    Now, enjoy having your car back.
    Enjoy looking forward to having adult time.
    And enjoy your time with Randy.
    Then - enjoy being home again with Kaleb.
    1678 days ago
    do not let your mom get to you. im sure you do all that you can for your son.
    if that is the only reason she gave for her saying you do not spend enough time with him cause he didnt run right up. hes a child. children have a mind of there own. shes an adult she should know that from her own children and should know better than to say something so butt headed, but then again she prob knows the right things to say to push your butttons like this.
    if she keeps it up id suggest finding someone else to watch your son if you can afford it so you can save the drama and the beating yourself down because you dont need to do that. its harmful on you which in term affects how you treat yourself and then it shows in your actions and your son sees those actions
    dont doubt yourself if you know you are doing your best.
    put your foot down and say something. your an adult and he is your child, not your moms so dont let her words get to you, your stronger than that...

    1679 days ago
  • MISSG180
    Is your mom trying to use Kaleb to forward her own agenda? Like, maybe she is resentful of taking care of him? It's a passive-aggressive trick that people use.
    1679 days ago
  • LADYJ6942
    Don't let mom guilt you. We all give our kids everything we can in our own ways and while our mom maybe didn't take as much time away from your child as you have it doesn't make you a bad mom.

    My mom was home with us girls all the time; me I like my independence and time away from my kids so I'd go out once a month with my friends and do things for me that didn't involve my kids.

    We all need human interaction of different leaves.

    Go and enjoy yourself. As children grow they go through phases and don't always run to tackle mommy.
    1679 days ago
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