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Meet Whiney !

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Whiney is my negative voice.
I did not know consciously that we were two in this body. Until I joined this workout/healthy habits group that pointed it out. They asked me to listen to this negative voice, to write down what she was telling me.
And I listened.
And I met Whiney. And I learned to know her.
Whiney is not the bad gal. She's just a child. She loves fun, pleasurable things. She can have tantrum and badmouth me until I'm tired and I give up and give her her ways. But she can also hug me and be honeysweet to get her ways without struggle. She's manipulative and lies a lot. I don't know when it happened, but Whiney somehow took charge of taking care of us. In her childish way. Imagine your household being in charge of an uneducated 6-years old.
My coach told me one thing that opened my eyes : take ownership of your health and weight.
Indeed I am 46, not a 6-year old. I AM in charge. Not Whiney.
First I asked Whiney to shut up and go away. She was offended and started mocking. Everyday was a struggle.
Then I realized it was not really fair... Whiney is a part of me, she has nowhere else to go. So I started to treat Whiney like a 6-years old eager to help in its own way.
This morning I asked her to stay quiet while I was doing my workout. She could participate as long as she's keep her mouth nailed shut. I could feel after 10 mins that she didn't want to admit it but she had fun. We were both laughing and feeling like rockstars when we were done. Never saw her laugh before. Our body felt awesome, rejuvenated.
Then I did my FLYing (household blessings) to give Whiney a clean home. She does not help but she enjoys the results, so she does not complain. But when I said we'd vacuum today she started whining again :
- but I want to play now, I want to go on internet and tell the world all the great things I DID today !!!
- uh ? YOU did ? ahem... well you can do that after we vacuum...
- it will take foreeeeeeeeeever !
- only 20 mins we don't have to detail clean today, the middle will do...
- but after that you'll want to mooooooooooooop !!!!
- did I say I would mop ? Let's vacuum and see later if we mop or not. One thing at a time. For now I WANT to vacuum. Then you can play till lunch.
- but vacuuming is such a chore !!!
- is it ? Did you remember yesterday how fun it was to playout (fun workout, it was dancing) with the coach ? Let's try with to dance with the vacuum !
- ...
- Come on, it will be fun ! Let's sing our version of FlyLady's song !
"When my sink is shining and I am not whining I am FLYYYYYYYYYYing,
Look my bed is done and I've my Sketchers on and I am daaaaaaaaaaancing !"
Even Whiney had to laugh and sing along. She was enjoying being a 6-years old again.
She had to admit that she was happier now I was taking care of us.
Let's live happily ever after LOL

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