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What a wonderful day!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Good Morning, amazing what a good night sleep can do for me. My BP is 108/75 this morning. I love it. It is amazing when I eat good quality food, exercise and get sleep- I get results fast. It is also the same if I eat movie popcorn or whatever - my BP will raise just as fast. Moderation is the key with consistency. I do so much better when DH is out of town on business. I have to learn how to follow this plan under any circumstances. My greatest desire is to achieve moderation in all my endeavors. I am having tea again with my neighbor. We used to do it every other week which I would prefer but she asked to go for tea again. I told her one day this week was the only time I could do it thinking she would not be able to go in short notice. But she said yes so now I have to think of things to talk about. I can't imagine her life having anything interesting happen in just a week. I just pray that this does not become something that causes stress in my life. Every two weeks is bearable but every week - I will not be able to endure. She is very sweet but these visits just suck the energy out of me since I have to keep the conversation going with things happening in my life and not hers. When she contributes she talks about events that happened in her life 20 years ago that I have heard so many times that I can recite them. She is very sweet and she watches our home when we travel. I try to encourage her to read or travel but none of these things she likes or wants to even entertain. People have worse problems. I am going to stay positive today and just learn to accept that some things are done just to please another person.
Have a good day!! Keep present!
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