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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'll be honest... my number 1 goal for losing weight is vanity. And a side effect of me losing my weight so far has been better health and feeling better generally. I know longer want to pass out a 3:30 in the afternoon and gorge myself to I fall asleep at night.

With that said... it's an obsession. Nothing I'd define as unhealthy but let's just say I'm a sucker for before and after pictures. I love looking at them.... if I see one on pinterest I'll probably click for a better look. I think I love them because they resemble hope to me. Somebody did it!

I'm also a sucker for the pinterest fitness pages

Each picture with a caption about how this girl looks is motivation.... get on the Victoria's Secret diet and exercise program, the best water to drink, the best meals, the best....

If I've seen it once. I've seen it a thousand times. Everything has the same information just a different pretty picture to go with it.

I'm dying to wear jeans and not have a hint of muffin top.
I'm dying to wear a bikini and not want to be covered up all the time.
I'm dying to go shopping and wear things that look good on the rack AND on.
I'm dying to not get fat like most people in my high school class and be thinner, better, stronger.
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    amen to all of that, vanity vanity vanity!
    1836 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    Some people literally do die for it.

    And many others spend decades in dissatisfaction.

    As someone who suffered from longing for the perfect body and binged for nearly four decades, I say, let it go as soon as you can. It was only when I gave up a particular weight goal but vowed to eat in a supportive way that I was able to make changes. I've been able to keep good habits for over three years and have lost weight every year, while the habits get easier. I do not fear at all not being able to maintain my weight because I've adopted habits that I feel are reasonable and allow me to participate in life and eating in a joyful way. In fact, most people have no idea I have any restrictions at all. But I am not ultra-thin. I was at 19% body fat (down from 30%) at one point and I was happy only a few minutes a day. The rest of the time I feared food and felt keeping the weight off was like a part-time job.

    There really is more to life than how we look, and it is where the real gold is. This is not to say that we sit around eating bags of chips and containers of dip. There really is a way to live with food in its place. It doesn't take all day to plan smart eating and get in some moderate exercise. Just do it and get on with the rest of life. (I'm convinced that a lot of people have a hard time keeping weight off because they thought life would get so much easier and better. I'm glad food is not a big issue now, but I still feel just as bad about other problems that are ongoing, and I still need sometimes to purposely keep myself busy until it's mealtime. I just don't eat over my problems much anymore. And I don't deprive myself, so I don't eat because I've been so good. Being good is its own reward now, not some body. No matter what people say, statistically, aiming for a certain body is a failure as the motivation for a HUGE number of people.)
    1836 days ago
  • THERIN52
    I can completely identify with you on this one, I would like to say my movtive for losing weight is strictly for health purposes but honestly it is vanity reasons and I too am in love with looking at before and after pics I find them to be so motivating to me. I was going through clothes this past weekend and all I could think of is how great it will be this summer with how much smaller I will be.

    I don't think it is unhealthy personally, because the end result is being healthier and really everyone is different so priorities and doing it for the "right" reasons are different for everyone. Also you are on SP so most likely you are going about it in a healthy lasting way.

    1837 days ago
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