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A rant on the gender disconnect about weight

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Warning: allusions to very strong language ahead. I don't usually USE words like this aloud, I think them. But, some times, I don't know what else to say. And many are ACTUAL quotes.

A friend posted on a gaming site about how she thought thought they were being inconsistent saying "Women should play video games! It's cool!" while at the same time posting pictures mocking heavy women in cosplay. The admin of the site went off on her for being offended. She pointed out that in another pic posted, there was an extremely heavy male and while much fun was poked at him-- it was all about the obvious lack of knowledge of the game and not about his weight. The admin came back with a "he was chubby, not fat as f**k".

I wanted to scream. If you are going to be a sexist f**ktard... you need to own it! Don't pretend that he was just "chubby" while the girl was "fat". There is a serious disconnect here. You need to OWN it. "I'M A SEXIST, EMOTIONALLY STUNTED DILL WEED!"

Women are "supposed" to be thin, beautiful and sexy to please the eye while men don't have that expectation. They can be "Fat as F**k" and be defended by other men as being chubby.

Yes, I'd love to be sleek and sexy and look as great as Caprica Six. But, it isn't going to happen. Genetics did not give me those legs. I can work my a** off and be a size 2 and still not look like that. But You, admin of this gaming site, don't get to mock us for not being your sci fi fantasy. You don't live in Hollywood, you sexist pig. Expect that if you sit on your lazy arse playing Skyrim eating cheetos and drinking Dew, that the girl you wind up with is going to be sitting on her arse eating cheetos with you.

The reason this bothers me? Twofold.

One is that is I am a sci fi fantasy geek. I love cosplay and the culture of Cons. But, it's misogyny is pretty terrible.

Two is this: I am not a gamer. But, I am married to one. And the sitting on the sofa, playing video games and eating cheetos thing is something that we struggle with. (like, no more cheetos and dew allowed! Not in my house!) I don't want my hubby to become unhealthy from his gaming habits. It's so EASY to sit and play a game after a long day at work after the kids are in bed (he doesn't play while the kids are awake, because many of the games are too violent and HE wants to have real time with them. Because, he's pretty awesome that way.) But, some day, I worry that these habits will catch up with him. I want us to have a long healthy life together... especially since I'm finally fulfilling his fantasy... and learning to play a bit. Two player Mode!
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