I am still an addict

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I was in Target today because my packed lunch didn't satiate me today. I was hungry. In search for something healthy since I passed all the fast food places without any issues. Well Target is not a very safe place either. I walked down the peanut/cashes aisle. Looked at trail mixes and decided to pass them up. THEN I get to the candy area. One King Size Hershey bar in hand. I had the calories budgeted and was in a weak spot. I was hungry (mama always said, never shop for food when you're hungry!). I proceeded to the cashier feeling "eh" about this transaction I was going to make. I also picked up a bag of Turkey Jerky Perky (100 calories/no fat/200 sodium for the entire bag). THAT was a great choice, but the chocolate was over 300, a lot more fat and would NOT be good.

Well, as I proceeded through the pharmacy, I had a STRONG moment. I happened to walk down the protein bar (not much better, but a little better) where I picked up a balance bar for 200 calories, protein and some sugars. I quickly snatched the Brownie Almond bar up, threw the Hershey in the same shelf and 'ran off' to the cashier with my total 300 calories of better choices. Whew. Saved.

Outcome - good.
Realization - good
Process - painfully scary, I could have binged if I didn't click at the right moment or went down another aisle instead of the protein bars.

Saved by the bell.

Now I am working out and very proud that I realized I am still an addict but am realizing my weaknesses and TRYING to change. Each day gets a little better, but damn sugar is hard to kick!!

Have a great week!

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