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Adjusting to Hypothroidism

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

So much has been happening in my life these past few weeks. After discovering that my hypothyroidism is active again, I have been doing a lot of research on the disease and how to it is best treated. I have been dumb-founded to discover that many parts of my life that I have just been dealing with are linked to the disorder:

fatigue, weight gain, foggy memory, foggy brain in general, depression, loss of libido, brittle nails, edema (swelling)

I have attributed a lot of these symptoms (all of which I have) to depression or just working too hard. I had no idea that there were the result of too little hormones in my blood. My body is not getting the hormones or the oxygen it needs to function properly.

I have also learned that many women have this condition and that it goes un- or misdiagnosed frequently. It is also mistreated frequently so that people do not lose all the symptoms (they may remain depressed, overweight - despite exercise and healthy eating, forgetful, etc.). My own doctor is failing to provide the most modern care that is available. As I have been doing my research, I have decided to seek out an expert in the field and make sure that I am being treated in the most effective way possible. It has been tough to get an appointment, but I am determined.

In the interim, I have become much more forgiving of myself for experiencing these symptoms. If I am exhausted at the end of the day, I am not forcing myself to workout. I have tried to move most of my workouts to the morning.

I am also being more patient with myself. I have felt so frustrated by my forgetfulness and inability to concentrate. Now that I know this is due to a biological reason, I am just taking it in stride. Rather than giving myself a hard time, I am trying to ease the way for myself.

I feel that I have been given new insight into how my body works. Sometimes I think that if I just do everything right, then my body will be and remain perfectly healthy. This leads to a lot of self-blame when I feel tired or get sick. I am beginning to understand that this is not my fault. I haven't failed or hurt myself in anyway. My body is working as hard as it can, and it needs help. That is okay. It is not because I have done something wrong. In fact, getting the care I need means I am doing something right!
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    1835 days ago
    I was diagnosed with Hypothroidism in they stuck me on a pill and up until 3 years ago i took a pill daily felt like crap couldnt get out of bed somedays except the days id skip the med and the pills never made me feel better eventho the dr keep changing the dosage kept making me come back. at age 28 i was miserable physically emotionally and well
    so finally I just said heck no and stopped taking it.
    I felt like i got my life back. please make sure that this is what you have before you spend years of your life suffering over it when it could be something else.
    good drs are a smart idea
    I was being treated for a thyroid problem when it was fibromyalgia.
    make sure you have a good dr the wrong medications can flub you up big time.
    now that ive been on that med for 3 years ive been able to feel a bit better and adjust to the fibromyalgia and not have my thyroid being messed with at the same time.
    So now im 32 and I get to feel my age instead of feeling like im 90 everyday :)

    1836 days ago
    I too have hypothyroidism and fortunate for me do not suffer most of these symptoms. It did answer the question why I have to work so darn hard to drop the weight. And I kudo myself more often when it happens.
    Make sure you do the same! Seeing a specialist is a good idea as most primary care physicians should defer to one when their patient is experiencing such a vast array of symptoms. Be your own advocate. They'll work with you on how to adjust meds and be more successful in weight loss. It is not easy, but can be done.
    Hang in there!!
    1837 days ago
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