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Dog Food Diet

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This story has been going around the internet for years. The originator used it as an example of how retired people have WAY too much time to think of silly stories. I assumed everyone had heard it!

A retired man was in the checkout line at Walmart with a large bag of dog food. The woman behind him asked if he had a dog. He replied no... he was on the dog food diet. He carried a handfull of dog food in his pocket and whenever he got hungry, he ate a few pieces. It contains complete nutrition, after all.

She wondered if he was successful.

He said, "I've lost 50 pounds. But then one day I woke up in the Emergency Room!"

"Did it make you sick?"

"No, I was taking a leak on a fire hydrant and got hit by a car.....!"

As I say, I thought EVERYONE had heard that ancient joke...

This morning I went to the local Walmart for a skein of yarn and a carton of milk. As I waited in line behind a man with a big bag of dog food, I was accosted by the chatty woman waiting behind me. "

" He must have a big dog," she said.

I suggested he might be on the "dog food diet." Then I told her the entire story. I thought she'd catch on. Instead, it went right over her head.

She answered me, "The way people drive these days is really shocking!"

I could hardly keep from laughing out loud.

Do you suppose she will retell the story as fact???

People are funny!

I'm still laughing, wicked old lady that I am!
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