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Cats are Smart

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Today it is about 14 degrees F with the windchill. Over night we received about 6 or so inches of snow. It didn't look that bad from the back window, there wasn't a lot of accumulation on the deck. So I planned to go to work like normal, just taking longer to drive.

Then the garage door wouldn't open so I had to go out the front door.

Stupid lying groundhog. I want the spring I was promised!

Went back in, sent a quick note that I wouldn't be in to work for a bit, grabbed the shovel and went back out to deal with it.

I live near the top of a hill. My driveway is down hill, with the garage at the bottom. It is a little bit wider than a single car and completely blocked on both sides by either the concrete retaining wall or the 6 foot hedge. So there is no where to actually put the snow except all the way at the bottom.

January's snow was nice and fluffy. I could just push it down hill. Even when we had 6+ inches it was still relatively easy to shovel.

Today's snow was 6 inches of wet heavy crap with the bottom inch slushy ice. At least until I got to the bottom third of the driveway when it was just ice. Today there was no pushing the snow down hill. Every shovelful of snow got shoveled dozens of times as I tried to throw it further down hill. I say tried because the evilness would stick to the shovel half the time. And what started at the top as a mere 6 inches deep soon became 12 inches, became 18, etc. as the down hill piles grew. It took 3 hours of constant work to get the driveway cleared. And I never did make it to work because the road is still ice.

And yes, I am counting it as fitness minutes today because I certainly earned it.

What does that have to do with cats being smart?

I was out shoveling in the 14 degree uphill wind that flung part of every shovelful of snow back into my face and plotting revenge on the groundhog who told me I would have an early spring.

The Kittehs, smart little things, were inside, taking their naps, in front the heater :

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