Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I find it very hard to stay motivated when I am at work.
I work in a restaurant and there is temptation all around me between the food, the soda, the alcohol, and the general lifestyle of my peers.
I have to work on a strategy to stay on point even at work. I need to figure out how to balance my fitness routine on work days even after I have been on my feet all day. Also, more importantly, meals at work. Brown bagging is a must. Trying to find healthy options from menu items is just not working.
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    Another option instead of Crystal Light - Emergen-C, which can be expensive (I get mine at Vita-Cost, where it is CHEAP!) It is also in packets, so very easy to take with you. It has B-vitamins and vitamin C so it gives you a little energy boost. Drink one packet at a time. If you drink 2, you'll just pee it out.

    I also make unsweetened iced tea and take it in a bottle with me everywhere I go. I also bring apples, which don't need to be refrigerated, and 1 tbsp. peanut butter sandwiches on 100-% whole-grain bread. Or hummus and carrots and celery, which also don't need to be refrigerated. You can put these in your locker if you have one. (We weren't allowed to use the company refrigerators for our personal food in the kitchens where I worked.) For snacks, Nature Valley Granola bars or F factor bars, both of which have good ingredients and aren't super sweet.

    Watch out for taking in more than 25 grams of sugar in a sitting - that's more than our bodies are meant to deal with. Our blood sugar goes really high, then crashes later and we want more to eat to get energy again. Also, excess sugar is turned by our liver into triglycerides, which is a fancy word for fat.
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    Believe it or not, I have similar motivation issues surrounded by nursing students at school. We are supposed to be healthy, right? But we don't sleep, we are just a few feet away from kiosks that have coffees, sandwiches and cookies, there are vending machines around the corner... A lot of my fellow students also smoke. We spend our time mostly on our rears.

    Then I go to work, in a hospice setting, where our patients are dying, many of whom are obese and have complications from overeating and/or smoking. What do you think my coworkers are STILL doing? Eating junk and smoking.

    It IS hard. I used to work in restaurants. Three Japanese, one Fusion, one French. The Fusion and French were of course the worst because not only was everything beautiful like at the Japanese places... but it was high calorie, too! Aack! And the ever-flowing WINE!

    But I was thin back then because I told myself that I refused to be a fat cook. And now, as a chubby middle-aged student, I have decided to refuse to continue to be even somewhat chubby.

    The main thing is making it a habit to make every meal and every snack count. Logging EVERYTHING will do that for you. When you have to log even a tablespoon of this and an ounce of that and it becomes a real pain in the patootie because you have eaten 15 such supposedly inconsequential snacks... or when you eat just one sandwich, but you find out to your horror that the croissant it is made on has 750 calories... you will start to make changes.

    It will happen.

    For me it took three weeks of daily logging before it became effortless to not sneak teaspoons of this and that while I was cooking (which I still do for hospice patients four days a week, and also at home). I rarely taste anything now unless it really needs tasting. In the last two weeks (I've been on Spark 5 weeks) I have gotten to the point where I can really eyeball what a reasonable portion is - and also what is just plain too high in calories for me.

    And so will you. Logging your food and drink intake is a pain, but your best tool if you make a deep committment to honestly remember every bite and every ounce.
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    You are headed in the right direction. A few things that may help.

    1. Work out in the morning before you are on your feet all day. It will give you more energy thru the day and you will be more reluctant to cheat because of the hard work you have already put in.

    2. Eat a healthy meal BEFORE work so you don't go in hungry. Take some crystal light packets with you and enjoy your drink, but not any soda.

    3. Take a few healthy snacks with you to work. If you feel a little tempted, snack on a bag of grapes or carrot chips or an apple.

    4. DONT FOGET YOU WATER. If you start feeling hungry, drink an 8 ounce glass of water the moment temptation strikes. Don't let you body confuse thirst with hunger!

    Good Luck.

    Keep Pushing!!!
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