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Only one pound of fat lost...maybe 5 pounds of muscle gained?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Well I've been really determined and motivated this week. Every other day I went for my 5k walk/jog and I ate pretty well (I thought), but I'm not seeing as much of an accomplishment as I wanted to. So, I reevaluated my week, went through my fitness and nutrition trackers, my goals and what I've been through.

I hate making excuses, so I'm going to call these "reasons" why I didn't achieve some goals this week:

1.) I was under my caloric intake goal almost every day but one. This can definitely hurt my body and actually make it store food as fat as it goes into starvation mode.

2.) I didn't do any strength training. Although I just kept thinking that my 5k every other day would make me lose weight this week, it really didn't and it makes a difference when you do more than cardio 3x a week.

3.) I developed a bad cold this past weekend and didn't do a thing.

With that said, I'm going to try and stay on track this week and be a little more determined to meet ALL of my goals. I have to stop assuming that just because I jog for 3 miles three times a week, it doesn't mean I'm going to lose 2-3 pounds. I need to do cardio every day and strength training 3 days a week. I even started P90X yesterday and I lost a pound! (it's intense).

On another note, I need to keep chatting more with my buds on here...they really help to keep me going and I love reading their posts and blogs. It gives me a sense of community...and makes me feel that I'm not alone with my struggles. (Thank you everyone! )

So to wrap it all up...stick with it, work as hard as you can and stay connected!
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    Hi Don!

    Yes, you're so right! I haven't checked my BP yet, but I'm not experiencing anxiety anymore and my resting heart rate has dropped dramatically. So I'm guessing that my BP has also gotten better. I definitely need to remember about the other benefits of working out!
    1776 days ago
    Don't forget to track OTHER oh-so-important signs of progress: INCHES LOST! Perhaps blood pressure lowered? Overall feeling of well-being bumped UP!

    Way to SPARK! :-)

    1776 days ago
    Hey Jen!

    Thanks haha! I'm really just trying to get through those videos... I can't do everything in them yet, but I make myself keep moving. And I'm still walk/jogging the 5k lol BUT it's a start! I'm still absolutely terrified of the run in May!

    The food thing--yes, I definitely have experience in this area. Personally, when I was in high school I tried the Atkins diet and I lost 25 pounds in two months and was only 160 to begin with...but I wasn't eating enough at all. Maybe around 800 cals a day tops. I was working out a ton, but I was SO tired. All the time. By the time I started school and soccer that fall, I couldn't even keep up. My coach lectured me and I started eating and gained weight really really fast. Luckily back then I was constantly playing sports and kept my weight at a healthy level.

    These past few years that I've gained weight, it's been crazy...I don't eat because I 1) Don't prepare it ahead of time and 2) Don't have time. I literally have to force myself to eat throughout the day to stay up at my caloric goal. And even when I've been eating less than 1000 cals a day (not on purpose) these past few years, the days I would eat more than normal (holidays, birthdays, etc) I would pack on the pounds!

    And I know you said no scientific journals...buuuttttt...haha From my experience in nursing/nutrition/anatomy and physiology is called starvation mode and that's exactly what happens to your it's getting out of the long fasting winter and you need nutrients, so it'll start storing. Also, your body can only function normally or be "at equilibrium" if you have a steady, constant habit of eating throughout the day (eating healthy, that is). And it definitely won't help you achieve the best results in your workouts unless your body has the nutrients it needs (both for energy pre-workout and nutrients to repare muscle fibers after).

    I used to be obsessed with trying to figure out exactly WHAT and HOW much food to eat at certain times throughout the day, pre and post workout, how long before bedtime, etc. It was EXHAUSTING trying to be so scientifically correct. Now I'm just trying to make sure I have healthy basics...4-6 small meals a day or 3-4 regular sized meals with one or two snacks. I try to have my snacks right before and right after workouts. Easy peasy!

    Haha All I can think about is being long-winded again! But I hope that answered your questions. I aced my upper level nutrition course (I know...toot, toot! lol), so if you have any specifics you want to know, ask away! I have the best resources from the nutritionist who taught the course!

    1777 days ago
  • JEM2929
    Keep it up! You are awesome - I wish I had the drive like you to work out so much. The only time you'll see me running is if I'm being chased, and if you see me running you should probably run too because it's serious stuff lol.

    I hear that P90X is amazing and super tough. That's great! You will hit all your goals in no time if you keep it up!

    I was sick over the weekend too and didn't do much of anything good. Nice work buddy.

    I want to ask you - do you have much experience in not getting enough calories in a day? I find somedays I just don't make time to eat enough, has this really hindered losing weight for you? It makes sense that it would, but I like to know what effects these things have on others from their own mouths and not some scientific study :)
    1777 days ago
    Also, muscle is heavier than fat...
    1777 days ago
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