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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My boys have been asking about homeschooling lately. Well, mostly my oldest but my youngest doesn't want to be left behind. Mostly I think it's because he's bored out of his mind in school. He's really smart but he's not in the advanced program because he scored 2 points under what you needed to get in. He rushes through tests so fast because they are so easy for him that he misses some. I'll ask him the answer when I'm looking at it and he'll give it to me right away. I'll ask him, "Well why did you put this?" And he'll just say, "Oh I didn't mean to put that!" Every time! He flies through his tests all the time and it drives me crazy! I always tell him to take his time. To double check his work. Etc, etc., etc. But nope, he's still in this regular class which would be fine if he wasn't so bored.
My other son is fine in the regular class. I don't think he needs to be in the advanced but Jacob does. His theory is that he should be in homeschool. But if he is in homeschool then my other would want to be in homeschool and that is A LOT to handle but I would have to be fair.
There is this charter school that I think would work well for Jacob but they are building a new school which will be 20 minutes away and you have to drive them both ways. emoticon lol! My husband's argument is that the bus for the school they are in now is right at the corner.
I don't know what to do!! I think now that I wouldn't mind the driving them, (if they could even get in!) But that's now. What about in a year of driving them back and forth?
It's hard not knowing what to do when you want the best for your kids. And I want Jacob to know that I hear him and that I value what he says and feels and thinks and that I am trying to do my best for him and not just say, "Oh well kid, you're stuck."
I'm willing to try anything but homeschooling scares me! And excites me to in a way to be honest! lol! My fear with that is, we'll both get burned out after a few months. And that they just won't listen to me and then we'll be fighting all the time to get them to do their work. Hmmm..
Any homeschoolers out there??

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    Its always a hard decision. Check the laws in your state. (Texas where we live is very pro-homeschoolers-other states not so much) There are tons of resources to help home schooling parents. Only you can know what is best for your children.

    We homeschooled when we felt it was best for our sons.
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    I feel your pain. I had this problem with my son. I ended up putting him in private school and was very glad I did. He also went to Catholic High School in the advanced placement and honors program. He was a step ahead of the game when he went to college. Just take your time and figure out what's best for your son. Good Luck! emoticon
    1836 days ago
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    Here are questions I would think about - just my two cents and nothing more... how large are your son's current classes? what is the student to teacher ratio? can your son be transferred to another teacher in the existing school? what does the guidance counselor think is going on? has your son been evaluated for advanced placement, gifted, adhd, etc. What does your pediatrician think? What future plans would be impacted by your decision both for you and your children...I'd think about all of these things. I'd listen to my child and pray about all of it. Generally speaking, for me, I'd try to support my child and give them a compromise on what they want, while ensuring they still would grow socially. If the class sizes were large and my child felt overwhelmed, not successful, then I'd change.

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    1836 days ago
    I understand the difficult situation. I'm also having one with my youngest. She is in a new program so on top of leaving a school that I have been very comfortable with now this is a whole new program. She loves the program but the attitudes and the non communication kills me. I have checked into homeschooling as well. My oldest wants to finish school so Thank God that's not an issue (she's in 11th grade)...the youngest is in 6th. I've heard horror stories about homeschooling & one of my oldest daughters friends was homeschooled but she is now BACK in public school & behind a whole grade! emoticon Take your time, I agree about the talking it over with the guidance counselor. My youngest always got nervous taking test so she was not in the advanced programs but they had her in a nurture program (getting her ready for advanced). She's great now & can do the work but the teachers are lazy & expect them to do it all completely by theirselves...even my husband is starting to complain & He has always left the school stuff to me.
    Let me know what you decide. We are praying for God to show us what is best for her & my niece (she's in the same program). I will keep you and yours in our prayers as well.
    1837 days ago
    Have you checked into cyberschooling? Here in Pennsylvania they even provide the computer and reimburse for internet. The advantages are the lesson plans are provided, they can work at their own pace and they have real instructors they can talk to. We don't do this, but we know a family that does.

    We actually put our kids in private school when we realized the local public school was not challenging our eldest. Advantage is a great education but it is more and more expensive every year, so we probably won't keep it up.
    1837 days ago
    I think the driving could be an opportunity to share with him about his day, what he likes, his friends--a 40 minute one-to-one conversation. Pretty good deal. emoticon I was bored in school as well and was placed in a private school (this is back from 1967-1973) and it was the best thing for me. I hope you do put him in the charter school. He will just fly and do great! Good luck with your decisions. emoticon Chelsea
    1837 days ago
    good luck. maybe if you talked to his guidance counselor and let your son explain how he feels they would put him in the advanced class. My son was very smart also and because they would not advance him he was bored and became the class clown out of boredom. I know whatever decision you make will be in your sons best interest.
    1837 days ago
    Thanks for sharing
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